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Watkinson School
Hartford, Connecticut, CT, USA
Type Private
Religious affiliation(s) None
Established 1881
Headmaster Sean Niland
Faculty 48
Enrollment 275
Average class size 7 to 16 students
Student to teacher ratio 6:1
Color(s) White, Blue
Mascot Sam the Ram

Watkinson School is a private coeducational day school in Hartford, Connecticut. Watkinson is situated on Bloomfield Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut, adjacent to the University of Hartford. It serves students from sixth through 12th grade. Watkinson also offers a postgraduate option, called The Academy at Watkinson, which allows students who have just graduated from high school to spend an additional year taking courses at Watkinson as well as the University of Hartford.[1] Watkinson is the only private school located within the city limits of Hartford.

The Art Barn building at Watkinson School
The Art Barn building at Watkinson School. Watkinson was originally the site of the Watkinson Juvenile Asylum and Farm School. The original buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Currently Watkinson enrolls 250 students who come from 37 towns all around the Greater Hartford and Pioneer Valley area.

Watkinson has a Creative Arts Program (CAP), whose purpose is to foster creativity in young artists. This program is unique in that students receive a separate diploma denoting their commitment to the arts. This program is run by teacher Dr. Karen Bovard. A student may join this program any time between the beginning of freshman and the end of sophomore year (so that they can complete the requirement of 2 full years in the program necessary to receive the diploma).

In 2007 Watkinson created a Global Studies Program which discusses the United States' relationship with the rest of the world. This program is run by Dr. Christopher Doyle. Students generally apply for this program in their sophomore year, and start it in their junior year.

Both programs are competitive to get into and require an application process. Upon graduating either program, the student receives two diplomas - one for high school in general, and one for the completed program. Students may participate in both CAP and Global Studies if they wish.

Watkinson is a founding member of the Coalition of Essential Schools. It is one of only five schools to be named a Lead School for this coalition.

Sports at Watkinson[edit]

Watkinson School's athletic program includes Boys' Varsity and JV Soccer, Girls' Varsity Soccer, Boys' Varsity and JV Basketball, Girls' Varsity Softball, Boys' Varsity and JV Lacrosse, Girls' Varsity Lacrosse, and Girls' Volleyball.

The Boys' Varsity Soccer team has won four championships in five years. They were finalists in one of the years.

2004-2005 CISAC Champions 2005-2006 CISAC Champions 2006-2007 CISAC Finalists 2007-2008 CISAC Champions & New England Finalist (1st seed) 2008-2009 HVAL Champions & New England Champions (1st seed, also went 21-0-1 on the season)

Sports Teams at Watkinson[edit]

Fall Trimester Winter Trimester Spring Trimester
Boys' Varsity Soccer

Boys' JV Soccer
Varsity Gardening
Girls' Varsity Soccer
Varsity Cross Country
JV Mahjong Club
Girls' Varsity Volleyball
Girls' Middle School Soccer
Boys' Middle School Soccer

Boys' JV Basketball

Boys' Varsity Basketball
Girls' Varsity Basketball
Ski Team
Boys' MS Basketball
Boys' MS Basketball
Girls' MS Basketball
Boys' Varsity Basketball
Culinary Arts

Varsity Tennis

MS Tennis
Girls' Varsity Softball
Boys' Varsity Baseball
Boys' Varsity Lacrosse
Girls' Varsity Lacrosse
Girls' MS Lacrosse
Boys' MS Lacrosse
Varsity Mountain Biking
Varsity Gardening
JV DeitelBeatles
Boys' Varsity Goobers

Activities at Watkinson[edit]

Over its three years of existence, Watkinson School's (now defunct) FIRST Robotics Team 782 won a number of awards, including Highest Rookie Seed (2002), New England Regional Champions (2003), Highest Divisional Seed (Nationals, 2003) the Xerox Creativity Award (2002/2003), and Highest Divisional Seed (Nationals, 2004).

Famous alumni[edit]

  • Johann Smith - soccer player with Major League Soccer team Kalmar FF; as of November 25, 2010, he is a free agent.
  • David Hemingson - executive producer of "Don't Trust the B_____ in Apartment 23" and many other films and television shows
  • Richard Plepler - CEO of HBO[2]
  • Philip Conserva - producer of the popular television show "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"

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