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Birth name Cho Hye-ri
Born (1976-05-31) May 31, 1976 (age 38)
Occupation(s) singer, actress
Instruments singing
Labels NAKO Entertainment (2015-present)
Stage name
Revised Romanization Wakseu
McCune–Reischauer Waksŭ
Birth name
Revised Romanization Jo Hye-ri
McCune–Reischauer Cho Hye-ri

Cho Hye-ri, (Hangul: 조혜리; born May 31, 1976), who goes by the stage name Wax (Hangul: 왁스), is a South Korean singer and actress. She graduated from the department of postmodernism music at Kyung Hee University. She was the lead vocalist of the band Dog in 1998, and then went solo as Wax in 2000. She has released ten albums and digital single albums. Aside from singing, she made her acting debut in 2007. She was cast as the main actress in the musical Fixing My Makeup (Hangul: 화장을 고치고), whose plot is based on her song of the same name. Her hit songs include Fixing My Makeup and Please. She has won three Golden Disk Awards, one each year from 2001 to 2003.


Wax was born on May 31, 1976, with the birth name Cho Hye Ri. She graduated from the department of postmodernism music at Kyung Hee University. Although she has been active since 1998, her personal life has been mostly veiled from the public.


Her debut as a singer was as lead vocalist of the band Dog in 1998. The band only released one album, DOG-1st. The title track of the album was Kyung Ah’s Day, and the album also included nine other songs. After Dog disbanded, she made her solo debut with the stage name Wax in 2000. Her stage name Wax refers to the light that she hopes to emit in the singing world akin to the light from a wax candle. Her debut album as a soloist was vol.1 The Diary of Mom, but her debut song was Oppa, which was a cover version of Cyndi Lauper’s She Bop. As of 2012, she has released nine full-length albums and nine other albums. In addition, she has released songs for the original sound tracks of several dramas.

In 2007, Wax made her debut as a musical actress. She was cast as the main actress for the musical Fixing My Makeup, which had a plot based on her song of the same name.


From 2000 to 2003, she published a full-length album once a year: vol.1 The Diary of Mom, vol.2 Fixing My Makeup, vol.3 Please, and vol.4 Relation. In 2005, she published a comprehensive album that included hit tracks from the 4 full-length albums as well as new songs. Later that year, she also released her fifth full-length album vol.5 Goodbye. In 2006, she released her sixth full-length album vol.6 Because All Love is Like That. She published her first single album, Love Goes Away Again, with Lee Gi Chan in 2007. She released vol.7 Women Eat Love and a second single album, Lucky, in 2008. In 2009, she released one full-length album, vol.8 Always You, and two single albums, Can't You Call Me and Don’t Cry. In 2010, she released the four albums: Wax Unplugged Side A and B, Two Women, and vol.9 Fall in… (Part 1). She released a single album, A Heart Was Refreshed, in 2011.

She has released songs for the O.S.T of three dramas: I Love You for the drama Lights and Shadows, Cry but Stay for the drama Dummy Mommy, and Falling Tears for the drama I Miss You.


Date Title
2000.11.14 Vol.1 - 엄마의 일기 (The Diary of Mom)
2001.08.09 Vol.2 - 화장을 고치고 (Fixing My Makeup)
2002.07.05 Vol.3 - 부탁해요 (Please)
2003.09.18 Vol.4 - 관계 (Relation)
2005.02.02 Vol.5 - Goodbye
2006.12.01 Vol.6 - 사랑은 다 그런거니까 (Because All Love is Like That)
2008.01.10 Vol.7 - 여자는 사랑을 먹고 (Women Always Want Love)
2009.07.02 Vol.8 - Always You
2010.12.09 Fall in… 파트 1 (Fall in... Part 1) (Mini Album)
2012.12.04 Vol.9 - Now & Forever
2014.08.26 Vol.10 - Special Album Spark (with Ember Glow)


Year Title
2004 Wax Best of Best - Best Day & Night
2004 The Selection Of Wax


Year Title
2010 Unplugged Side A (리메이크 앨범)
2010 Unplugged Side B (리메이크 앨범)


Year Title
2002 02 (Overseas Version)

Original soundtrack[edit]


  • 2001 - KBS: Singer of This Year Award
  • 2001 - MBC: Singer of The Teens Award
  • 2001 - Mnet: Best Music-video Award
  • 2001 - 16th Golden Disk Award
  • 2002 - 17th Golden Disk Award
  • 2003 - SBS: Field of Ballad Award
  • 2003 - KMA: Singer of This Year Award
  • 2003 - 18th Golden Disk Award
  • 2004 - Achievement Award from Kyung Hee University[citation needed]

Mnet Asian Music Awards[edit]

Year Category Work Result
2001 Best New Female Artist "Oppa"[3] Won
Music Video of the Year (daesang) "Fix My Make-up"[3] Won
Best Ballad Performance Nominated
2002 Best Female Artist "Please" (부탁해요)[4] Nominated
2003 "Relationship" (관계)[5] Nominated

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