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Wayman Crow (1808–1885) was one of the founders of Washington University, a St. Louis businessmen, as well as a politician. Born in Kentucky in March 1808 Crow entered into the dry goods business at the age of 12, as an apprenticeship in a general dry goods store. Eight years later Crow started his own dry goods business. He soon became a successful businessmen and moved to St. Louis in 1835. In 1840 Crow was elected as a Whig to the Missouri state senate. In 1846 he secured the charter for the St. Louis Mercantile Library Association, the oldest library west of the Mississippi River. In 1853 he secured the charter for Eliot Seminary, the precursor to Washington University. He continued his activities with the university and continued to be a member of the board of trustees until his death in 1885. He is buried at Bellefontaine Cemetery.