Wayne Dolcefino

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Wayne Dolcefino
Occupation Reporter
Employer KTRK-TV channel 13 (ABC), Houston, Texas
Religion Christian

Wayne Dolcefino was an investigative reporter for KTRK-TV ABC-13 in Houston, Texas, USA.[1][2] As the investigative reporter for "13 Undercover," he is responsible for a number of civic and consumer investigations.

He joined the KTRK-TV crew in 1985.[3]

Dolcefino and his employer have been the target of various lawsuits. A $5.5 million verdict for libel (Sylvester Turner v. KTRK Television; 1996)[4] was subsequently overturned by a court of appeals, and that appeals-court decision was upheld by the Texas Supreme Court.[5]

On November 21, 2012 KTRK-TV announced that Dolcefino "elected to leave the station".[6]

Dolcefino is now said to be working as a reputation management consultant to clients including the highly controversial Burzynski Clinic.[7]