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Wayne Kurzeja is an American entrepreneur, writer, filmmaker and inventor based out of Chicago, Illinois.


Wayne Kurzeja is a licensed attorney with degrees from John Marshall Law School. He holds an OPM/ Executive Education from Harvard University and has worked as a professor in Advertising and Marketing in Lewis University's graduate School of Marketing MBA program.

Kurzeja began his career in a 20-year position as President of Advertising Services Company where he handled clients including Kohl's, Ace Hardware, A&P Foods, Columbia Pictures, among others. The company published Barrington Magazine[citation needed] and produced over 3,800 TV and radio commercials.[citation needed]

After a brief stint as an associate lawyer at Tenney and Bentley, Kurzeja founded of Digi-Flicks International, Inc.[1][2] As President from 1995–2005, Kurzeja immersed himself in film-making and invention by designing and patenting anti-piracy devices for theatrical film. Currently the company is run under the name DFE Technologies, Inc.


  • Bloodhead (2004) (Executive Producer)[3]
  • The Creature of the Sunny Side Up Trailer Park (2004) (Co-Executive Producer)[4]

Career as Inventor[edit]

From 2004–Present, Kurzeja founded Gela-Thin Corporation, Inc. where he's filed patents for several weight loss products.[citation needed] On Saturday, 4/19/08, Wayne Kurzeja was a finalist in the national PBS series "Everyday Edisons" for one of his latest inventions.[5]


1969-1970 - US Navy - National Defense Medal
2004 - Motion Picture Hall of Fame Award - Awarded for patented Anti-Piracy Design


"The Presidential Quotient," 1980, Published by Chicago Review Press.

"The Presidential Puzzlers," 1982, Writer/Narrator. Distributed to all PBS Stations via National Educational Network Satellite.


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