Wayne Unser

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Wayne Unser
First appearance "Seeds" (episode 1.02)
Last appearance "Red Rose" (episode 7.12)
Created by Kurt Sutter
Portrayed by Dayton Callie
Gender Male
Occupation Former Chief of the Charming Police Department, former Marine, Associate of Sons of Anarchy M.C. San Joaqain Sheriffs Department Investigative unit.
Title Consulting Investigator
Spouse(s) Della Unser (divorced)
Children Two unnamed daughters
Nationality United States American

Chief Wayne Unser is a fictional character on the FX television series Sons of Anarchy, played by Dayton Callie.[1][2] He was the Chief of the Charming Police Department, but is also corrupt in that he deals with the Sons of Anarchy whom he sees as a benefit to the town, because the Sons successfully keep drugs and violence out of Charming, and protect the population from many other unwanted things like ruthless developers, such as Jacob Hale Jr. Unser's ties to SAMCRO increased and was often seen helping however he could with the Teller family and some of the club's dirty work. Wayne eventually rejoined law enforcement as an investigator for Althea Jarry, investigating the murder of Tara Knowles. Wayne was killed while trying to arrest Gemma Teller Morrow, to prevent her from being killed by her son Jax Teller. Wayne was killed by Jax in the penultimate episode of the series.


Unser is a native of the small Northern Californian town of Charming and is in his 50s. He was a U.S. Marine and served during the Vietnam War. When he returned, he joined the police force and is now Chief of the Charming Police Department. He also owned Unser Shipping, a trucking company, though he later sold it. He is "married to a dark-skinned woman" named Della, and they have two daughters. He is also suffering from bladder cancer, and uses marijuana for pain relief. He is corrupt and an ally of the Sons of Anarchy, a local motorcycle gang. However, most of the illegal activity he partakes in is beneficial for the town, as he greatly cares for its residents.

Season One[edit]

Wayne Unser has always got on well with the Sons of Anarchy during his time in charge, and even employed them as muscle at times. However, he is retiring at the end of the month because of the cancer and handing power over to his Deputy, David Hale, who is overtly suspicious of the SOA and will almost definitely begin an investigation into the club. Unser hires the SOA to protect one of his company's shipments on its way to Mexico. However, they hijack it to send Unser a warning. Clay Morrow, their leader, threatens him to stay on for a short time longer and keep Hale off their case. If not, they will hijack any of his trucks that try to leave town. He decides to stay on for another six months.[3]

In response to a number of recent gang killings, Unser arrests Clay Morrow, Ernest Darby and Marcus Álvarez. Unser asks Darby, who leads the White supremacist Nordics gang, if he knows that Unser is married to a dark-skinned woman. When Darby gives him a snotty degrading reply, Unser hits him. He lets the gang leaders have a meeting in their cell in order to end the violence.[4] Unser is obviously angry at ATF for their actions of putting the investigation above the safety of the town residents. Unser also talks Hale into revealing that Opie is innocent and that Stahl is setting him up to be killed just because she is angry. However the info comes too late to help Donna, Opie's wife who is killed in his stead. He gives Jax and Opie Winston the keys to the cells and lets them break into his police station to free two of the gang's women who had been arrested.

Season Two[edit]

In Season Two we see the more heroic side of Unser. He is the one to find Gemma after her brutal rape. Initially, he and Tara are the only people Gemma had trusted with this information. He covered for her by making Gemma's injuries appear to come from a car wreck with the help of Tara. Unser showed his deep fatherly type of affection for Gemma whom he has known since she was twelve. Unser seemed to be shocked and saddened when he learned that Hale may have been working with the Aryans. He personally delivered a message to Ethan Zobelle: 'Charming is a special place. It chooses its occupants. That the people that are wrong for the town disappear.' When Ethan asks if that is a threat Unser doesn't answer.

He eventually told Deputy Hale about Gemma's secret to convince Hale to not side with the L.O.A.N. and Zobelle. He also confessed to Gemma that his wife left him. He continued to smoke medical marijuana and take medication for his cancer.

As season two progressed, Unser became more involved with SAMCRO, wanting to get rid of the L.O.A.N. just as much as the bikers did. He provided a lot of vital information to Clay, which allowed the Sons to plan ambushes and surveillance on the Aryans. In the episode "The Culling," Unser officially made David Hale the acting police chief and began minimizing his own duties. In the season finale he provided SAMCRO with vital details about Zobelle's release and even allowed the bikers to use one of his trucks to ambush Zobelle's convoy. After Gemma was framed for the murder of Edmond Hayes, she called Wayne for help. The two are last seen fleeing Charming in Unser's police cruiser, their destination unknown.

Season Three[edit]

With Gemma in hiding, Unser returned to Charming with a plan to retire and turn the police department over to Deputy Chief David Hale. However, Hale's death at Half-Sack's funeral forced Unser to stay on as Chief of Police in Charming. Like many Charming residents, the actions at Half-Sack's funeral planted seeds of doubt in Unser's mind regarding the Sons of Anarchy and their place in Charming. Having seized upon these doubts, Jacob Hale then approached Unser, telling him that SAMCRO could no longer keep violence out of Charming and that he would support Charming Police if Unser would support Hale in Charming's mayoral race. Unser later confronted Clay Morrow about his fears and doubts for Charming, telling Clay that knowing that Charming would be protected allowed him to sleep at night despite knowing that he had been purposely ignoring SAMCRO's illegal activities. However, he was no longer sure that SAMCRO could keep up their end of the deal. Clay assured Unser that the MC could keep peace in Charming, but when Earnst Darby informs Jacob Hale that he'd witnessed SAMCRO selling illegal medication at a clinic near Charming, a raid on SAMCRO's headquarters was quickly organized and Unser did not tip off the club (Darby told Hale that he believed that SAMCRO was probably stashing OxyContin at their headquarters, although what he actually witnessed was HIV medication being sold to the clinic). Following the raid, Clay announced that Unser was "dead" to him. Unser was able to catch Gemma when she broke out of police custody, but she called his bluff, knowing that he could never hurt her which ultimately led to Gemma, Clay, Jax, and Tig escaping from St. Thomas hospital. His relationship with SAMCRO continues to fall apart. In later episodes he showing more anger towards the club. When Jacob Hale hires Salazar to scare Lumpy into selling his gym, Salazar gets carried away and nearly kills Lumpy. Unser believes that it is Mayan retaliation, because of the message that Salazar left. SAMCRO learns of this and tries to tell Unser that it wasn't the Mayans and to investigate Jacob Hale but he ignores it. When Oswald tells Unser that the Sons of Anarchy and the Mayans were good with each other, Unser still has doubts. When Oswald tells Unser to see what investors are buying up land on the block of Lumpy's Gym, Unser finds something he doesn't like, confirming what SAMCRO told him about Hale in the first place. After he learns of a unanimous vote to let the County Sheriff's Office take over he confronts Jacob Hale and Hale shows that he does not care about the local P.D. The next day Unser tells SAMCRO that they were right about Hale and decides to work with them to get Salazar, who has kidnapped Tara, because it is the only way to prove that Hale is dirty. In the finale, Unser (no longer Chief of Police) participates in the Jimmy O/June Stahl murder by leading Stahl's backup away from the scene with a false tip that Jimmy's men are waiting in ambush up the highway while SAMCRO carries out the deed. Kozik then punches him to cover up his involvement.

Season Four[edit]

In the beginning of Season Four he is down on his luck after his wife divorced him and he sold his trucking business. He is seen living in a trailer on the outskirts of town, mulling over his former life and drinking heavily. He is later shown attending Opie's wedding. He is later contacted by both Clay and Gemma separately telling him that Tara has letters from John Teller, and each one ask for his help to get them without involving the other part, while Gemma is successful in peeking at few of them with some of Unser's help, she does not read the whole content. After this Unser himself manages to steal copies Tara made, and read them. This greatly angered Unser as he was shocked about the truth Clay hid even from him, not knowing that in fact John Teller wanted the club to go legal ways instead of gun-business. When Gemma visited him later, he lied to her regarding the letters, implying neither of them did at the time know of what truly happened. Knowing that Clay would be looking for the letters and by extension Tara, he decided to report to Roosevelt an anonymous threat to Tara, which he didn't go into detail. To make things real, he wrote a death threat letter and left it in Tara's car, thus putting her into constant survilleance by the club, possibly as a way to make sure Clay could not kill her, as when Clay got notice of the letter he was displeased and angered with what he had done telling him to not "get in his way". Unser later reported to Margaret and had Tara removed from the Hospital. Eventually Unser is called by Gemma after she finds Piney's dead body, Unser knowing that Clay is out of control, wants to report Clay but is convinced to put the blame on Sonora, which he helps in doing. However after Gemma is badly beaten by Clay he has a change of mind and confronts both Clay about this and tells a devastated Opie the truth, encouraging him to kill Clay.

Season Five[edit]

Unser is seen at the beginning of the season watching over Gemma and her house in the immediate aftermath of her and Clay's separation. At the end of the premiere episode, he is ambushed and beaten by three disguised men, who break in and burglarise the house. He later meets again with Roosevelt stating that he didn't think the break-ins in Charming were black retaliation, as the beating didn't "feel black" but like inexperienced white. He states he will be doing his own personal investigation of the break-ins and is later seen questioning the victims. He is seen again apologizing for the death of Roosevelt's wife Rita and gets angry at Gemma for only using people when she needs them and states she has no friends. In "Toad's Wild Ride" he is visited by Jax and Bobby. It's revealed he lost his land and is parked on the premises of Unser Trucking in exchange for working security. He shows them all the evidence he has collected and the three conclude the three Nomads recently patched into SAMCRO: Gogo, Greg, and Frankie are responsible for the break-ins and Rita's death, and Clay most likely put them up to it. Unser visits Gogo and Greg and notices the long scratches on Gogo's neck. He is later visited by Clay and the two discuss their relationship and the ties between them, when Gogo and Greg break down the door. Unser shoots Gogo with a double-barreled shotgun and Clay kills Greg with a shot to the head from his pistol. He covers the killings up to hide Clay's involvement and is visited by the police and Gemma, who he makes amends with. Later he is shown to have been kicked off the premises of Unser Trucking as "double murder is bad for business" and resorts to parking his Airstream on Teller Morrow grounds. He is later asked by Jax to research a former U.S. Marshal investigating Tara.

Season Six[edit]

Unser is still living on the Teller Morrow grounds. He is jokingly known as "Uncle Touchy," as he willingly helps Jax and Gemma with the boys. When Clay kills a member of a Neo-Nazi group, Unser is attacked by Neo-Nazis who carve a swastika into his chest. He is treated by Tara and he worries about what would have happened if he had the boys. He visits Tara at St. Thomas and finds her in a meeting with Wendy and Lowenn. He knows what she is doing involves the boys and offers to help. She takes him up on the favor by asking him to get a restraining order from a city clerk friend. She then files it against Gemma after making it seem like she caused her to have a miscarriage. Unser is shocked by this stating "it breaks my heart you had to become something so bad to do what you thought was right." He states he won't tell Gemma, but he can't help her anymore. He later helps Jax find the truth of the matter by questioning Lowen, but makes him promise no one will get hurt. In the season finale, Unser is the only one who was present during Clay's proper burial. Unser reveals to Gemma, falsely, that Tara has taken the children and will testify against The Sons, inadvertently causing Gemma to attack and kill Tara.

Season Seven[edit]

Unser is distraught over Tara's death. He joined the Sanwa Sheriff's Department, working with the new sheriff Althea Jarry under the title "Consulting Investigator" in an attempt to help find Tara's killer. He is kidnapped by Juice, who is on the run from the Club, when he finds him in Wendy's apartment. Juice frees him and tells him Gemma has been helping him hide. Unser attempts to help him get in touch with SAMCRO. When this fails, Wayne, Gemma and Wendy attempt to smuggle Juice down south though he takes off after Gemma attempts to kill him. When a deal goes wrong between SAMCRO and the Aryan Brotherhood, one of Unser's former officers, Candy Eglee, is seriously injured by gunshot wounds. Unser visits Eglee everyday at the hospital. He later kills an AB member named Leland in Eglee's hospital room who was sent to finish her off in order to keep her silent. Later in the season, Unser tells Jax the Chinese man Gemma fingered for Tara's murder wasn't even in the state at the time. Jax asks him to help get the truth by getting him a visit with Juice, inside Stockton and he can listen to the tape of their conversation. He agrees, but warns Jax he will lose his loyalty if he burns him on this. He is later told by Jarry that Lin was killed in Stockton that day and there is no tape as the room was bought. When Jax then asks him to help find Gemma, who has gone MIA, he repeats that he is done helping the club. He even goes as far to speak his opinion to Jax on Tara's death, telling Jax "if you really give a shit about Tara, you would spend less time being a thug and more time being a dad." This prompts Jax to punch him in the face. Unser then has Jarry put out an APB on Jax for assault to make sure no one else gets hurt before he finds out about Tara's death. Eventually, Jax catches up to Unser and reveals to him that he found out it wasn't the Chinese who killed Tara; it was Gemma. When Unser learns from Nero she is at her dad's house, he drives there to arrest her to save her from Jax. Unfortunately Jax arrives shortly after Wayne and tells him to leave. Unser pulls out his gun, prompting Jax to do the same. When Jax asks him again to go, Unser explains he can't as "this is all I got left", meaning his love for Gemma. Jax then shoots Unser in the chest, killing him instantly.

Link to Gemma Teller Morrow[edit]

Unser knew Gemma from a young age. He often refers to Gemma as "leaving Charming when she was sixteen and showing up 10 years later with a baby and a biker gang". There is obviously a relationship between Unser and Gemma that runs deeper than the typical small community familiarity. In the season two finale Unser after picking Gemma up from a crime scene was seen holding Gemma's hand and asks "where are we going?" Gemma replied, "I don't know". The two then drove out of the Charming city limits in his Police Cruiser. In season 6, Unser revealed to Gemma that he is indeed in love with her.