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Wazir (Arabic: وزير‎) is an official title, meaning minister in several West and South Asian languages. Its equivalent in English is vizier. The style comes from the Arabic word wezr (وِزر), which means "burden". Thus, a wazir is literally someone who helps carry a burden, by helping the head of the state get the job done. It is also used as a family name.

This word was first mentioned in the Quran when Musa (May Allah be pleased with him) (English: Moses) prayed to Allah to appoint Haroon (May Allah be pleased with him) (English: Aaron) as his WAZIR (helper in the religion in the cause of Allah). Later on this religious wazir (helper in religion) was used for the political wazir (helper in the running of a government) of a ruler.

Wazir may refer to:


  • Vizier, vazir or wazir, a high-ranking official, such as the Chief Minister of Muslim regimes starting with the Abbasid Caliphate.
  • A vezér is a Hungarian high-ranking official or leader; may originate from the verb "vezet" (‘to lead’).



Other uses[edit]