We Are the Dead (album)

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"We Are the Dead" redirects here. For the David Bowie song, see We Are the Dead (song).
We Are the Dead
Studio album by Antagonist A.D.
Released 2008
Genre Metalcore
Label Trial & Error
Antagonist A.D. chronology
We Are the Dead

We Are the Dead is Antagonist A.D.'s second full-length album. The title is drawn from a line in the World War I poem "In Flanders Fields".

Before the release of this album they changed their name from Antagonist to Antagonist A.D. to reduce confusion between them and the American Metalcore band, Antagonist.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Twelve Twenty Two"   2:11
2. "Wolves & Cowards"   2:02
3. "No Regrets?"   1:36
4. "The Golden Years"   2:06
5. "This Gun"   2:29
6. "Bleached"   2:38
7. "The Twilight Years"   2:46
8. "We Are the Dead"   2:01
9. "Celebrity"   2:09
10. "Misery"   2:03