We R Are Why

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We R Are Why
Studio album (Promo) by Autechre
Released 14 April 1996
Genre IDM
Label Warp Records WAP72
Producer Autechre
Autechre chronology
Tri Repetae
We R Are Why

We R Are Why is an Autechre promotional recording released by mail-order and available at some concerts, by Warp Records in 1996. It was written and produced by Rob Brown and Sean Booth.

Sean Booth:
"we r are why were the first two tracks we did on the ry30
they're both entirely done in the ry30 – with a bit of fx on the diff channels maybe, can't rem"[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "We R Are Why" – 8:35
  2. "Are Y Are We?" – 6:08

There is intentionally no speed listed on the release. In an "AAA (Ask Autechre Anything)" on the site WATMM, Sean Booth stated "…our original intention to not write it on the record…".[2] The durations above were measured when the vinyl was played at 45 rpm.[3]


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