We Should Be Together (song)

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"We Should Be Together"
Single by Cliff Richard
Released November 1991
Length 4:20
Writer(s) Bruce Roberts

"We Should Be Together" is a popular song by Cliff Richard.

Composed by Bruce Roberts, the song bidded for the Christmas No.1 spot in 1991, however the song peaked at the No. 10 position - ultimately being beaten to the festive top spot by the re-release of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody following the death of Freddie Mercury.

The song differed from Richard's previous Christmas efforts - primarily being a love song. The promotional video for the single tells the story of an offshore oil worker who makes the journey back to his home to join his family for Christmas. In the song, at around 3 minutes and 44 seconds, the solo trumpet quotes the 2nd theme from the second movement of Dvorak's 'New World' symphony. This quote bears significance to the song, as Dvorak wrote this symphony when he was missing his home.