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We South Tyroleans (German: Wir Südtiroler , WS) is a minor "German" centre-right[citation needed] political party in South Tyrol.

The party was founded in May 2013 by Thomas Egger and other splinters from Die Freiheitlichen, the second largest party in the Province.[1] Within Die Freiheitlichen, Egger represented the "social" wing ("I was the red among the blues") and sees his party as a centrist to centre-left political force.[2]

In August 2013 WS joined a three-party list for the 2013 provincial election, along with the Citizens' Union for South Tyrol and Ladins Dolomites.[3][4]

In the election the list won 2.1% of the vote, but Egger failed to be re-elected.[5]


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