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We the Media is a book written by Dan Gillmor, published in 2004 by O'Reilly (ISBN 0596007337). It is also available for free online, under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license. The book will be release into the public domain 14 years after publication.[1]

The book is about how the proliferation of grassroots internet journalists (bloggers) has changed the way news is handled. One of the book's main points is that a few big media corporations cannot control the news we get any longer, now that news is being published in real-time, available to everybody, via the Internet. The book received widespread praise from the demographic it covered, and mixed reviews elsewhere.

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  1. ^ We the Media, Dan Gillmor, page 239: "So here's what my publisher and I have done with this book. [...] we are explicitly setting the term of the copyright to be 14 years, which was the term when America's Founders first wrote a copyright law."