We zijn weer thuis

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We zijn weer thuis
Country of origin Netherlands
Original language(s) Dutch
Original channel VPRO

We zijn weer thuis is the last of the television series that Wim T. Schippers made for the VPRO. Written by Schippers and directed by him and Ellen Jens, the dramady series ran from 1989 to 1995.[1]


Central characters in the show are Nel van der Hoed-Smulders, a wealthy widow who lives in a villa in Het Gooi, and her three sons. Like all Schippers shows, We zijn weer thuis pokes fun at all-too serious attitudes and relishes wordplay. Religion is a usual subject, though where usually Schippers' characters lose their faith, in this case Tijs becomes a Christian, though it also helps him in bedding a Christian girl.[2] Wordplay often consists in taking metaphorical expressions literally, and the linguistic jokery often placed high demand on the actors. Walter Crommelin, for instance, who played Uncle Gerard, complained that text such as "Tegen de tijd dat Tineke terug is van haar Tibetaanse tarbeinenjacht en thallofytentoernee door de Transhimalajaanse hoogvlakte, om hier met die halfgare hageprekende holistische haaibaai hier weer de boel onveilig te komen maken..." seriously interfered with acting naturally.[3]

Cast and production[edit]

  • Wim T. Schippers - writer, director
  • Ellen Jens - director

Posters were designed by Piet Schreuders,[4] and financial support for the show came from the Mediafonds.[5]

DVD release[edit]

The series was released in 2008 as volume 2 (an 8-DVD box) of Wim T. Schippers' Televisiepraktijken - sinds 1962.[6][7]


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