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For the energy services company WeatherWise, see Fixed bill

Editor-in-Chief Margaret Benner Smidt
Categories Science, Weather
Frequency Bi-monthly (6 times a year)
Circulation 10,635[1]
Founder David M. Ludlum
First issue 1947[2]
Company Taylor & Francis Group[3]
Country  United States
Based in Philadelphia, PA
Language English
ISSN 0043-1672

Weatherwise (ISSN 0043-1672) is a magazine founded by David M. Ludlum and was published by Heldref Publications but now is published by Taylor & Francis Group. It covers weather and climate for weather enthusiasts as well as meteorologists and climatologists and is the only popular press publication in the United States to do so. It is richly illustrated with large color photographs that showcase the power, beauty and excitement of weather. Articles are published on the latest discoveries and topics in meteorology, usually using experts in the respective field to write the article. Articles tend to focus on the relation of weather to technology, history, culture, the arts, and society. The magazine releases an annual almanac to highlight key topics that happened internationally, in the U.S. and corresponding hurricane and tornado seasons. The magazine also features commentaries, photography contests, questions and answers, and weather maps.


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