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Web address http://www.webbiographies.com
Type of site
Social network service with a focus on Genealogy and Biography
Registration Open
Owner Private
Created by Web Biographies, LLC
Web Biographies, LLC
Private start-up
Industry Genealogy, Biography, Social networking services
Founded April 2006
Headquarters Denver, Colorado, USA
Key people
Scott Purcell, founder and President
Slogan A visual heritage you can share for the journey that is your life.
Website www.webbiographies.com

WebBiographies is a website founded by Scott Purcell with an emphasis on genealogy, family trees, biography and memoir writing.


WebBiographies was founded in April, 2006 by Scott Purcell,[1] founder of Epoch Networks and a former Board member of the Commercial Internet eXchange.

In an interview for MIT Technology Review, Scott stated that WebBiographies was founded with a "grown-up" audience in mind:

"Like a lot of people, growing up I sat around the kitchen table hearing stories about great aunts and great-great-grandfathers, and very little of it is written down... A couple of years ago I thought, let's write it down on the Internet. But all the tools out there were genealogy stuff, for making family trees.

My partner and I were playing around on MySpace and were very impressed by what they were doing. But MySpace is used mainly by young people and to be honest, it's a bit of a chaotic mess. We said, "There should be a MySpace for grownups. Let's do it.'"[2]


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