Webberville Solar Farm

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Webberville Solar Farm
Webberville Solar Farm Near Austin Texas from the Air.JPG
Aerial Photo of Webberville Solar Farm
Webberville Solar Farm is located in Texas
Webberville Solar Farm
Location of Webberville Solar Farm in Texas
Country United States
Location Webberville, Texas
Coordinates 30°14′18″N 97°30′31″W / 30.23833°N 97.50861°W / 30.23833; -97.50861Coordinates: 30°14′18″N 97°30′31″W / 30.23833°N 97.50861°W / 30.23833; -97.50861
Status Operational
Commission date 2012
Solar farm
Type Flat-panel PV
Site area 155 ha (383 acres)
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 35

The 35 MW Webberville Solar Farm, located in Webberville, Texas, is the largest photovoltaic array in Texas. It is made up of 127,728 Trina Solar solar panels,[1] mounted on single axis trackers, covers an area of 380 acres (150 ha), and was built at a cost of $250 million.[2] It is expected to generate 61 GWh in the first year of operation,[3] and 1.4 billion kWh over its 25 year life. Ribbon cutting by Austin's mayor, Lee Leffingwell, was held January 6, 2012, while operation began on December 20, 2011.[4] The project was constructed by RES Americas, who will operate the plant for five years. SunEdison in 2012 sold the plant to MetLife and Longsol Holdings, but will operate the plant for 20 years upon the expiration of the responsibilities of RES Americas.[5]

While most cites list it as a 30 MW plant - its nominal AC capacity, the NREL database lists it as 34 MWP(DC).[6]

Austin Energy, which is purchasing the power generated under a 25 year PPA, has a goal of generating 35% of power consumed from renewable resources by 2020.[4][7]

Solar panels
Watts Number Total
270 32,018 8.644860 MW
275 63,238 17.390450 MW
280 32,022 8.966160 MW
Total 127,278 35.0 MW

Source:Webberville Solar Farm[8]


Generation (MWh)[9]
Year January February March April May June July August September October November December Total
2012 3,049 2,915 4,144 6,269 6,363 6,941 6,094 6,465 5,440 4,707 4,229 7,364 63,980
2013 3,211 4,110 6,113 5,017 6,068 5,861 6,217 6,343 5,173 48,113
Total 112,093

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