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Webcare is defined as the act of managing online interactions between a company and a customer. Van Noort and Willemsen [1] define webcare as 'The act of engaging in online interactions with (complaining) consumers, by actively searching the web to address consumer feedback (e.g., questions, concerns, and complaints)'.

Online users can often be left confused when navigating pages or are ignorant of all features. This can lead to dissatisfaction and the loss of customers for an online company. Since companies want to keep customers loyal, they employ several resources to improve their online relationship with their users, whether it be through ease of access, offering better deals or bonuses for recurring customers, or readily available assistants to answer any potential questions or concerns.

Goal of webcare[edit]

The goal of webcare is to improve relationship quality with the customer or start a new relationship. Companies may employ a dedicated webcare team to respond to comments and or complaints online.

Alternate definition of webcare[edit]

By Andy Hoek[2]


WebCare means at Mukunda Software Inc

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