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A webtoon is a full color manhwa-style webcomic that is typically published in chapters and updated once or twice weekly.[1] The term originally came into use in South Korea around 2003, to describe what were previously known simply as Internet comics.[2] Daum created a webtoon portal in 2003, followed by Naver in 2004.[3] As of July 2014, Naver had published 520 webtoons, while Daum had published 434.[4]

Prior to 2014, most webtoons were only available in English through unofficial fan translations. In July 2014, Naver-subsidiary LINE began publication of translations of popular webtoons to the English market via the LINE Webtoon service.[2][3][4]

Popular webtoons include Noblesse, Tower of God, God Of High School, and Girls of the Wild's.

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