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Wecta (Old English: Wægdæg, Old Norse: Vegdagr) is mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the Historia Brittonum.

He is considered mythological, though he shows up in the genealogies as a Saxon ancestor of Hengest and Horsa and the kings of Kent, as well as of Aella of Deira and his son Edwin of Northumbria.

He appears in the Prologue to the Prose Edda as Vegdeg, one of Woden's sons, a mighthy king who ruled East Saxony. Although Wecta is mentioned as the father of Witta and the grandfather of Wihtgils in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the Historia Brittonum, the Prose Edda reverses the order of Witta and Wihtgils in the genealogy.

His mother was Frigg (Frígídá).

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