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Wedding Peach
Wedding Peach Cast.jpg
Screenshot depicting the cast of the series
(Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedingu Pīchi)
Genre Magical girl, Romance, Comedy
Written by Sukehiro Tomita
Nao Yazawa
Published by Shogakukan
English publisher
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Ciao
Original run 19941996
Volumes 6
Wedding Peach
Written by Mami Tachibana
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Shōgaku Yonensei
Published 1995
Volumes 1
Anime television series
Directed by Kunihiko Yuyama
Produced by Hirofumi Umeshita
Keisuke Iwata
Takao Asaga
Written by Hideki Sonada
Kenji Terada
Shikichi Ohashi
Sukehiro Tomita
Music by Tomoki Hasegawa
Hiroyuki Kouzou
Studio KSS, OLM
Licensed by
Network TV Tokyo
English network
Original run April 5, 1995March 27, 1996
Episodes 51
Original video animation
Wedding Peach DX
Directed by Kunihiko Yuyama
Produced by Hirofumi Umeshita
Koji Iwakawa
Shukichi Kanda
Music by Hiroyuki Kouzu
Studio KSS, OLM
Licensed by
Released December 24, 1996July 25, 1997
Episodes 4
Publisher KSS Bandai
Platform Super Famicom
Released September 25, 1995
Jama-P Panic!
Publisher KSS, Bandai
Genre puzzle
Platform Game Boy
Released December 8, 1995
Wedding Peach
Publisher KSS, Bandai
Platform PlayStation
Released September 27, 1996
Wedding Peach
Written by Nao Yazawa
Published by Shogakukan
English publisher
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Shōgaku Sannensei
Original run 2004 – ongoing
Volumes 1
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Wedding Peach (愛天使伝説ウェディング・ピーチ Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedingu Pīchi?, literally "Legend of the Angel of Love) Wedding Peach" is a shōjo manga by Nao Yazawa and Sukehiro Tomita that was originally serialized in Shogakukan's Ciao magazine. In North America, it was translated and published by VIZ Media in its entirety, consisting of six volumes.

The manga was later adapted into an anime television series directed by Kunihiko Yuyama that ran for 51 episodes on TV Tokyo, from April 5, 1995 to March 27, 1996 as well as 2 omakes | Ai Tenshi Robot| Wedding Peach and Ai Tenshi Sentai and a 4-episode OVA sequel (Wedding Peach DX) in 1996.

The anime is co-produced by KSS and OLM, TV Tokyo and NAS. It is licensed for distribution in North America by ADV Films and they have released both the TV series and OVA series as ten DVDs.

In 2004, Wedding Peach| Young Love was released, a compilation of Wedding Peach stories made specifically for the monthly magazine Shogaku Sannensei ("Elementary School Third-grader"). To better fit the magazine's target audience, the "Young Love" version of Wedding Peach features younger-looking characters, less complex storylines, and simpler dialogue.


Momoko Hanasaki (花咲 ももこ Hanasaki Momoko?)/Wedding Peach
Voiced by: Kyoko Hikami (Japanese), Larissa Wolcott (English)
The central character of the series, Momoko is petite, cheerful and turtle-brained (as coined by her friends). She lived a fairly normal life until the start of the series, when she got targeted by the demon, Pluie, for the ring she is always wearing, a cherished memento of her mother. With Limone and Aphrodite coming to her aid, she is then given the power to transform into Wedding Peach, the legendary Love Angel. As Wedding Peach, she is tasked with fighting devils intent on destroying the Love Wave. As simply Momoko, she is a freshman of Hanazono Junior High, a photographer of the Newspaper Club, and like many other girls at school, has a massive crush on Yanagiba Kazuya, captain of the soccer team. She often bickers with Fuuma Yousuke, a fellow freshman, and irritatingly denies any romance blossoming between them, despite everyone (her friends and Yanagiba himself) believing otherwise.
Yuri Tanima (谷間 ゆり Tanima Yuri?)/Angel Lily
Voiced by: Yukana Nogami (Japanese), Carla Witt (English)
One of Momoko's best friends, Yuri is known for being a high-class girl, speaking politely at all times, and is generally the most well-mannered in their group. She can be a little vain at times, but she is very sensitive when it comes to people's feelings, even able to sense from a distance when Momoko/Peach is crying or in danger - something her fellow Angels seem unable to do. In her previous incarnation as Lily, it is revealed that she shared a close relationship with Limone, a senior Angel, and the love they had carried over into her present life. Upon regaining her memories of this, Yuri becomes overjoyed at their reunion, but also feels herself torn because she holds feelings for Yanagiba as well. In the manga, Yuri is stated to be 1/4 French.
Hinagiku Tamano (珠野 ひなぎく Tamano Hinagiku?)/Angel Daisy
Voiced by: Yuko Miyamura (Japanese), Heather Kafka (English)
Another of Momoko's best friends, Hinagiku is a short-haired, rough-speaking tomboy who practices judo. Her family consists of her mother, father and younger brother, and they all live atop their flower shop. Momoko, Yuri and Hinagiku would often compete for Yanagiba's affections, but she bowed out gracefully when Yanagiba's true identity is revealed, and eventually comes to care deeply for her childhood friend, Takurou. Like Yuri, Hinagiku is a Love Angel (Daisy) reborn on Earth as a human.
Scarlett O'Hara (小原スカーレット Ohara Sukaaretto?)/Angel Salvia
Voiced by: Yuka Imai (Japanese), T. Lynn Mikeska (English)
The fourth Love Angel to appear in the series, Salvia is a loner with a violent and unforgiving streak. She wishes to destroy devils rather than purify them like the other girls. A pure angel, she assumes the name of Scarlett O'Hara while in the human world. Salvia still carries emotional wounds from the time she lost her best friend, Freesia, to a devil's attack. It takes some time for the other Love Angels to wear down her difficult exterior, though she eventually joins forces with them.
Scarlett's history varies in the original manga. She is a reincarnated angel like Yuri and Hinagiku, and is a half-Japanese returnee student from America who gained the memories of being an angel as a young girl, the first Love Angel to do so. She moves to Japan in order to be closer to the other Love Angels. She holds a grudge against devils because they killed Celeste, the angel she, Lily and Daisy were tasked to protect. While she tries to be a friend to her fellow Angels, she still feels the need to warn Momoko away from Yousuke. Eventually, she comes to accept their love, and at the end of the series, looks forward to finding a romance of her own. In the manga epilogue, she marries her childhood friend from America, Dean Butler. Scarlett and Dean's names were inspired by Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler from the novel Gone with the Wind.
Voiced by: Miwa Matsumoto (Japanese), Bill Wise (English)
A cute and small devil that served as Pluie's sidekick until he was purified by Wedding Peach, and subsequently forced out of the devil realm. Jama-P is often humorously picked on by the Angels (mostly Hinagiku), but sticks around as their closest ally. He becomes a resident to Momoko's house, and pretends to be a stuffed toy when others are around.
Yousuke Fuuma (洋介風魔 Fuuma Yōsuke?)/Viento
Voiced by: Yuji Ueda (Japanese), Gray Haddock (English)
The freshman goalie on the school soccer team. He enjoys teasing Momoko, calling her "Momopi" and making fun of her small stature and round face, but eventually begins to have feelings for her. Because they are both vehemently in denial of their feelings to each other, it takes quite a while for them to get together. When they finally did, however, their happiness is short-lived as it is soon revealed that Yousuke has inherited his late father's demonic blood.
Viento, as he is came to be known in the Demon World, is the heir to the Rafaal Tribe, and holds the power to destroy the Love Angels and what is left of the Angel World. Reine Devila aims to capture him for this very reason, but with Wedding Peach's help, he is able to break free from the evil within him, and through the love they share, they are able to purify the world of all demons, even Reine Devila herself. As requested by Wedding Peach, Yousuke's demonic powers get sealed by Aphrodite, and he restarts his relationship with Momoko as a normal human. In the manga, they marry ten years later along with their friends.
Kazuya Yanagiba (和也柳 Yanagiba Kazuya?)/Limone
Voiced by: Shinichiro Miki (Japanese), Brian Jepson (English)
Yanagiba Kazuya is the captain of Hanazono Junior High's captain team, known throughout the school for his good looks, smarts and athleticism, thus capturing the hearts of many female students. Momoko, Yuri and Hinagiku would often resort to crazy means to garner his attention, but he remains blissfully oblivious to almost all of their attempts. For the most part of the series, Yanagiba plays the part of the kind senpai who seems to be way out of the Angels' league, until his true identity is revealed later on.
Limone (which means lemon in Italian) is a powerful Senior Angel sent by Aphrodite to watch over Momoko and the others, granting them assistance whenever he is able. To remain close to them, he takes the form of Yanagiba Kazuya, although in this form, he has no memory of the Love Angels or that he is one himself until later in the season. This is so he could evade the devils' detection. In the manga, he was always aware of the Love Angels' existence and took a different identity only to remain close to them.
A hundred years ago in the Angel World, he and Lily fell in love amid the war between Angels and Demons. Their romance was brief, but it was strong enough to carry over into their present lives. In the anime, upon remembering their past relationship, Yanagiba and Yuri (with Momoko and Hinagiku's blessing) continued where they left off, but this again was cut short when Limone sacrificed his life to protect the Human World from a massive attack by a strong devil named Petora. Aphrodite was able to bring him back, but the shock has caused him to lose his memories as Limone and of Yuri, much to the latter's grief.
Near the end of the series, he is able to revert back to being Limone, and together with the Angels and Viento, confronted Reine Devila for a final battle. In the aftermath, he expressed a desire to enjoy his life as simply Yanagiba Kazuya, which Aphrodite gladly granted. In the manga, he and Yuri marry ten years later.
Takurou Amano
Voiced by: Kappei Yamaguchi (Japanese), Josh Meyer (English)
The smartest student at school, constantly placing the top spot on all class rankings, and is also Hinagiku's childhood friend. Desiring to be stronger and more confident, Takurou makes a pact with the demon, Igneous, who takes residence in his heart and controls his body at times. At first he saw it as a burden, but starts to see Igneous as a friend. When Igneous comes to him before he dies and breaks their pact, Takurou tries everything he can to save him, even going to the Love Angels for help. In the anime, he had a crush on Momoko, while in the manga, his constant stalking of Momoko led many to believe he liked her but in fact wanted to impress Hinagiku. In the manga, he later marries Hinagiku.
Reine Devila
Voiced by: Mika Doi (Japanese), Lainie Frasier (English)
The leader of the devil world (her name is French for "Queen Devil"). Her greatest desire is to destroy all love and subjugate the angel world. In the anime, it is revealed that years ago she ventured into the Angel World and fell in love with an angel at first sight, who later became another angel's husband. With that event, they both unknowingly banished Reine Devila from the Angel World. Ever since, Reine Devila has wanted to kill all those who love. Her backstory and subplot do not exist in the manga; she is simply depicted as a tyrannical ruler. In the anime, she is purified and lives as a normal devil, while in the manga, she is purified and put in a long sleep. It is hoped on waking that she will protect the Devil World the way Aphrodite protects the Angel World.
Voiced by: Mako Hyōdō (Japanese), Catherine Berry (English)
Goddess of love and ruler of the angel world. She is unable to leave the angel world and must rely on Limone and the Love Angels to ward off the devils. She is the sister of Angel Celeste. She erased the Love Angel's and Limone's memory in the final episode in the second season. In Wedding Peach DX she made the Love Angel's memories known because of the new evil that was coming.
Voiced by: Kazuki Yao (Japanese), Ben Wolfe (English)
The first of Reine Devila's primary henchmen to appear in the story. He enacts various schemes to both destroy love and lure out the Love Angels, but eventually is sucked into the vortex of destruction as punishment for countless defeats by Reine Devila (in the anime). He is destroyed by the angels in the manga. Before his demise, he appears to have hints of feelings for Aquella, protecting her before she was killed, and reaching out to save her when she was caught in the Angel's love wave.[1]
Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki (Japanese), Nicholas Keene (English)
Igneous is the third of Reine Devila's primary henchmen to appear in the story. He is a fire demon from the tribe of Hima. He is a sneaky and manipulative demon who doesn't like to get his hands dirty and usually has his minions fight for him before he goes in for the kill. He makes a pact with Takuro and takes residence in his heart and controls his body. He starts to like peace and quiet and actually sees Takuro as a friend, though he doesn't admit saying he is a member of the fire demon tribe. He is later killed by Potamos. Before he dies he goes to Takuro and releases him from his contract. He then tells Takuro that he actually started to become fond of him. As he passes he looks at the moon and admits that it is beautiful.
Hiromi Kawanami/Potamos/Angel Potamos
Voiced by: Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese), Jenny M. Larson (English)
The fourth of Reine Devila's henchmen to appear in the story. She comes to help Igneous and has a crush on him, but later in the series kills him for turning soft by the love angels and falling for Yousuke. Potamos is later turned good by Wedding Peach and becomes an ordinary school girl. She becomes a love angel during the second omake. She is later brought back in Wedding Peach DX episode 3.
In the manga, Potamos tries to take revenge for Igneous but falls in love with Yousuke/Viento because of his devil energy, even calling him "V-kun". She eventually returns him to his father, but when Yousuke rebels against his father and Uragano attacks, Potamos shields Viento and Peach with her body and sacrifices her life to save him, leading Peach to realize she had truly loved him.
Sakura Hanasaki/Angel Celeste
Voiced by: Chiharu Suzuka (Japanese), Marla Kanoff (English)
Celeste is the sister and guardian of Aphrodite. While fighting against devils with Angels Lily, Daisy and Salvia, she was knocked down to earth, losing her memory. She begins to use the name Sakura. On earth she falls in love with Hanasaki Shouichirou, a young photographer. They have a child together, named Momoko. Three years later, Limone finds Celeste and restores her memory. Celeste says goodbye to her family and leaves. She vanishes, leaving behind her ring, which is part of the Saint Something Four, the Something Old. She then returns to the angel world to protect it and falls into a deep sleep.
Celeste returns after waking from the energies of the Saint Something Four to tell Momoko of her past. She is given permission by Aphrodite to spend one day on Earth. However, she uses up more energy saving Momoko from a brainwashed Viento, and again falls to sleep. In the OVA it is revealed she awoke and returned to a normal family life, although she is aware of Momoko's former identity as an angel.
In the manga, her past differs: she is killed along with Lily, Daisy and Salvia and reincarnated 100 years later. She falls in love with Momoko's father, but remembers her past and returns to the angel world. The barrier she erected, however, prevents her from meeting or contacting her daughter. Momoko initially has doubts about her mother as she traces Celeste's legacy, but her mother finally gets through and sends a brief message that she has faith in her and will be able to meet her if the threat of devils is removed and the barrier is dissolved. Eventually after the defeat of Reine Devila, Momoko and her mother have a tearful reunion.



Season one[edit]

DVD Title Episode
Episode Title Original Air Date English Air Date

Love Wave
01 "Celebration! Birth of the Love Angel" April 5, 1995 March 9, 2004
02 "Splendid! Bridal Dress Change" April 12, 1995 March 9, 2004
03 "The Targeted Bride" April 19, 1995 March 9, 2004
04 "Angel Lily is Born" April 26, 1995 March 9, 2004
05 "The Third Love Angel" May 3, 1995 March 9, 2004

Pluie's War
06 "Jama-P's Counterattack" May 10, 1995 April 20, 2004
07 "Take Care Against Eating Too Much" May 17, 1995 April 20, 2004
08 "Pajama and the Sleeping Princess" May 24, 1995 April 20, 2004
09 "The Stolen Something Four" May 31, 1995 April 20, 2004
10 "Good Work! Friendship Renewal" June 7, 1995 April 20, 2004

Spring Storm
11 "Time Traveling Hinagiku" June 14, 1995 June 1, 2004
12 "The Beautiful Devil's Love Fortune Telling" June 21, 1995 June 1, 2004
13 "Challenge! The Devil's Penalty Kick Battle" June 28, 1995 June 1, 2004
14 "The Stolen Ring Of Love" July 5, 1995 June 1, 2004
15 "Infiltration! The Devil's Forest" July 12, 1995 June 1, 2004

Summer Flower
16 "The Devil's Pride" July 19, 1995 July 13, 2204
17 "The Secret of Saint Hanazano Campus" July 26, 1995 July 13, 2004
18 "Love Angels, We'll Fight, Even During Summer Vacation" August 2, 1995 July 13, 2004
19 "Midsummer Night's Mystery" August 9, 1995 July 13, 2004
20 "Seaside Pendant" August 16, 1995 July 13, 2004
21 "Resound, Piano, to the Starry Sky" August 23, 1995 July 13, 2004

Angel Bell
22 "Jama-P Targeted" August 30, 1995 August 24, 2004
23 "My First Kiss is Going to be Stolen" September 6, 1995 August 24, 2004
24 "Exciting School Festival" September 13, 1995 August 24, 2004
25 "A Devil's Kiss Isn't Sweet" September 20, 1995 August 24, 2004
26 "The False Wedding Ceremony" September 27, 1995 August 24, 2004
27 "No Way! Captain Yanagiba Has a Lover?" October 4, 1995 August 24, 2004

Season two[edit]

DVD Title Episode
Episode Title Original Air Date English Air Date

28 "Girls in Love is the Strongest" October 11, 1995 October 5, 2004
29 "A Halloween-esque Witch" October 18, 1995 October 5, 2004
30 "Good-Bye Dear Devil" October 25, 1995 October 5, 2004
31 "Trespassing! Rival for His Love" November 1, 1995 October 5, 2004
32 "Putting Your Love in a Muffler" November 8, 1995 October 5, 2004
33 "The Love That Blossomed on the Battlefield" November 15, 1995 October 5, 2004

Scarlet Tears
34 "The Marionette of Love" November 22, 1995 November 16, 2004
35 "The Fourth Love Angel" November 29, 1995 November 16, 2004
36 "The Lone Wolf Love Angel" December 6, 1995 November 16, 2004
37 "Salvia's Tears" December 13, 1995 November 16, 2004
38 "Passionate Farewell kiss" December 20, 1995 November 16, 2004
39 "The Teacher is a Devil?" December 27, 1995 November 16, 2004

Black Heart
40 "My Love Is Being Sucked Away" January 10, 1996 December 28, 2004
41 "Pretend Love - Great Skiing" January 17, 1996 December 28, 2004
42 "Yuri's Lips" January 24, 1996 December 28, 2004
43 "The Truth About Reine Devila" January 31, 1996 December 28, 2004
44 "Jama-P's First Love" February 7, 1996 December 28, 2004
45 "Mama's Come Home" February 14, 1996 December 28, 2004

Wedding Day
46 "My Boyfriend is a Devil" February 21, 1996 February 8, 2005
47 "Revive, Memories of Love" February 28, 1996 February 8, 2005
48 "Loving is Painful" March 6, 1996 February 8, 2005
49 "The Night for Just the Two of Us" March 13, 1996 February 8, 2005
50 "Inseparable Hearts" March 20, 1996 February 8, 2005
51 "Last Wedding" March 27, 1996 February 8, 2005

Wedding Peach DX (We'll Fight, Even...)[edit]

DVD Title Episode Number Episode Title Original Airdate English Airdate

OVA 1 "Revival of the Love Angels! We'll Fight, Even When We Go To The Beach" 1996 March 22, 2005
OVA 2 "Salvia's Love... We'll Fight, Even On a Luxury Liner" 1996 March 22, 2005
OVA 3 "Reunion - We'll Fight, Even On Christmas" 1996 March 22, 2005
OVA 4 "The False Love Angels - We'll Fight, Even On Valentine's Day" 1997 March 22, 2005


Wedding Peach Furil

  1. "Lucky & Happy"
  2. "Anata no Tenshi ni Naritai" (I want to be your angel)
  3. Intermission I
  4. "Anata ga Iru Kara" (Because you're here)
  5. "Tokimeki Nagara For You" (When my heart pounds for you)
  6. "Yume Miru Ai Tenshi" (Dreaming love angels)
  7. Intermission II
  8. "Hitomi no Oku ni Dakishimete" (Hold me deep in your eyes),[note 1]
  9. "Zutto Aitakatta" (I've wanted to see you for a long time)
  10. Intermission III
  11. "21 Seiki no Juliet" (21st Century Juliet)
  12. "Ai to Bi o Kono Mune" (Love & beauty in my breast)

Wedding Peach - Memories

  1. Wedding Wars (TV-Version)
  2. Serenade I
  3. Wedding Beautiful Flower
  4. Angel Amour Peach
  5. Saint Crystal Love For You I
  6. Saint Crystal Love For You II
  7. Love & Beauty in that Breast
  8. Open the Door of Hope
  9. Peach-Daisy-Lily
  10. To the Future
  11. Serenade II (Hinagiku Tamano)
  12. In the Language of Flowers, Salvia Means a Burning Heart
  13. Angel Passionate Salvia
  14. Saint Pure Sword
  15. Serenade III (Yuri Tanima)
  16. Wedding Dream
  17. Saint Something Four
  18. He who is Leaving I
  19. Thoughts that Can't Be Forgotten
  20. He who is Leaving II
  21. Reunion
  22. Serenade IV (Yosuke Kazama)
  23. Bridge Collection I
  24. Bridge Collection II
  25. Serenade V (Jama-pi)
  26. Transfer Student Hiromi Kawanami
  27. Like --- Devil !
  28. Insentient - Rules of the World of Spirits
  29. Evil Tree
  30. Supreme Ruler of the Evil World
  31. Eye Catch I
  32. Eye Catch II
  33. Serenade VI (Kazuya Yanagiba)
  34. Dreaming Girl
  35. Following the Longing Guy
  36. Friends are Rival
  37. We Three will be Cheerful Tomorrow
  38. Serenade VII (Scarlet O'Hara)
  39. Virgin Love (TV Size)

Wedding Peach - Summer Carnival

  1. Merry Angel (Furil)
  2. "Koi wa Prism" (Love is a prism) (Hikami Kyoko)
  3. "Datte, Koi da mon" (Because it's love) (Mitsuishi Kotono)
  4. Sweet-Little Love (Furil)
  5. Sound Drama

Wedding Peach - Dream Collection

  1. Wedding Wars (Nakajima Erina)
  2. Virgin Love (Furil)
  3. "Ichiokuichi no kiseki" (Miracle of one in a million) (Imai Yuka)
  4. "Kisetsu ga Kureta Jewel" (The jewel the season gave us) (Furil)
  5. Funk Jama-pi (Matsumoto Miwa)
  6. Monochrome (Furil)
  7. Sound Drama


A Super Famicom game was released only in Japan in 1995. In the game, the player plays as one of the three main girls (either Momoko, Yuri or Hinagiku) to compete with the others in a series of mini games. The ultimate goal is to win the right to ask the guy that all three girls are in love with (Yanagiba) to the school dance. The game has a three player option as well, where two other people can play the other two girls.

Wedding Peach games have also been released for the Game Boy (Jama-P Panic! - 1995) and PlayStation (Wedding Peach| Doki Doki Oiro-naoshi Fashion Dai-sakusen - 1996).


  1. ^ This title is spoken by Hinagiku in the English translation of "We'll Fight, Even on Summer Vacation". Note, however, that the song that plays on the radio is actually "Lucky & Happy", which is the song the girls request in the Japanese version of the episode.


  1. ^ Wedding Peach, episode 15 (1995)

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