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Wedholms AB ['ve:dholms] is a Swedish manufacturer of milk cooling tanks (bulk tanks) situated in Nyköping, Sweden, serving markets in Scandinavia and around the Baltic Sea. The company group has 65 employees and a turnover of 90 million Swedish kronor (2008).


Wedholms was founded 1879, in Nyköping, by Carl August Wedholm. Carl August Wedholm's workshop started by manufacturing metal and tin plate household products as well as milk churns. In 1948 Wedholms moved to their current premises in north-west Nyköping. They also had an outpost in Lund for some years. Wedholms was owned by SMR (Svenska Mejeriers Riksförbund - The Swedish National Dairy Association) from 1942 to 1988 and participated in the development of milk cooling techniques at the farm to improve the quality of the milk when collected by the dairy. In 1957 Wedholms introduced to its product range the first milk cooling tank with direct expansion. During the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s Wedholms specialized more and more in stainless steel tanks for different applications. Since the end of the 1990s Wedholms has focused on open and closed milk cooling tanks for the farm which are marketed worldwide.

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