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Coordinates: 53°50′20″N 1°35′17″W / 53.839°N 1.588°W / 53.839; -1.588

This article is about the place in England. For the heritage-listed house in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, see Weetwood, Toowoomba.
Weetwood Hall: Manor house on the right

Weetwood is an area between Headingley and Meanwood in north-west Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It is bounded on the north by the A6120 (Weetwood Ring Road), on the west by the A660 (Otley Road), on the east by Meanwood Beck and to the south by Hollin Lane. Weetwood Lane runs north and south through it.

The Weetwood ward for local government purposes includes areas known as Far Headingley (south of the above), West Park (west of the A660), and Ireland Wood (north of the A620). Its three Leeds City Councillors and the terms for which they are currently elected, are Sue Bentley (Liberal Democrat, 2011–2015), Jonathan Bentley (Liberal Democrat, 2012–2016) and Judith Chapman (Liberal Democrat, 2014–2018).

Weetwood is part of the Leeds North West parliamentary constituency, and its MP is Greg Mulholland (Liberal Democrats, first elected in 2005 and re-elected in 2010 and 2015).

The name (earlier Wetewode) means the wet wood to the west of Meanwood Beck.[1][2]

Weetwood Hall[edit]

Weetwood Hall is now a hotel and conference centre, which includes a manor house and buildings of the same name dating back to 1625. It was taken over by the University of Leeds in 1919 and was hall of residence until 1993 when it took on its present role after extensive development.[3]


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