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The following is a list of characters from the novel The Deer and the Cauldron by Jin Yong (Louis Cha). Some of these characters previously appeared in another novel Sword Stained with Royal Blood, also by Jin Yong. Some of these characters are also based on historical figures, such as the Kangxi Emperor, Oboi, Wu Sangui, Chen Yuanyuan, Princess Changping, Zheng Keshuang, Feng Xifan, Galdan Boshugtu Khan, Sophia Alekseyevna, Wu Liuqi, and Zha Jizuo (a possible ancestor of Jin Yong, whose real name is Zha Liangyong).

Wei Xiaobao and his family[edit]

  • Wei Xiaobao (traditional Chinese: 韋小寶; simplified Chinese: 韦小宝; pinyin: Wéi Xiáobǎo; Jyutping: Wai4 Siu2-bou2) is the protagonist of the novel. A witty, sly and illiterate person, he was born to a prostitute from a brothel in Yangzhou during the Qing dynasty. He bumbles his way into the Forbidden City and has a fateful encounter with the young Kangxi Emperor, with whom he develops a friendship. By sheer luck and wit, Wei succeeds in accomplishing a series of tasks that would affect the events during the reign of the Kangxi Emperor.

Wei Xiaobao's seven wives[edit]

  • Su Quan (traditional Chinese: 蘇荃; simplified Chinese: 苏荃; pinyin: Sū Quán; Jyutping: Sou1 Cyun4) was previously Hong Antong's wife. Late in the novel, she disguises herself as a prostitute in order to lure Wei Xiaobao into a trap in a brothel. However, she is unfamiliar with the ways of a brothel, and Wei sees through her plot. She is tricked by him into drinking drugged wine and becomes unconscious. She is then placed onto the bed along with Fang Yi, Zeng Rou, Mu Jianping, Shuang'er, and A'ke, where Wei slept with them. The next time she and Wei Xiaobao meet, her attitude is warmer, and it is later revealed that she was one of the three women he had sex with the night before. She is pregnant with his child. She decides to follow Wei after the Mystic Dragon Cult is destroyed in its internal conflict. She is the most powerful in martial arts among the seven.
  • Fang Yi (Chinese: 方怡; pinyin: Fāng Yí; Jyutping: Fong1 Ji4) is Liu Dahong's disciple. She is the most intelligent of the seven. She initially loved her brother in arms, Liu Yizhou, who loved her as well. After an attempt to assassinate the emperor, she is wounded and is forced to rely on Wei Xiaobao to protect her. Wei Xiaobao uses every opportunity to make advances on her, and forces her to promise that she marries him if he saves Liu Yizhou from captivity. However, after seeing how adamant she is with her feelings for Liu, Wei wavers between giving up and allowing them to be together and insisting that she keep her promise to him. Eventually, after finding out that Wei is the prominent leader of the Qingmu Lodge of the Heaven and Earth Society, as well as seeing the jealous and cowardly Liu Yizhou betray Wei and sell him out to enemies, she decides that she wants to be with Wei. She is later captured by the Mystic Dragon Cult and is forced to lure Wei into traps. Wei eventually manages to save her with Su Quan's help.
  • Princess Jianning (traditional Chinese: 建寧公主; simplified Chinese: 建宁公主; pinyin: Jiànníng Gōngzhǔ; Jyutping: Gin3-ning4 Gung1-zyu2) is a younger sister of the Kangxi Emperor. It turns out that she is not related to the emperor because her biological mother is Mao Dongzhu, who has been impersonating the empress dowager. Her father is actually the Fat Monk. Out of all of the seven wives, she is the most violent and sadistic, and is very spoiled. She loves Wei Xiaobao because he is the only one who dares to stand up to her, and she likes to engage in BDSM acts with him. Although she is eventually sent by Kangxi to marry Wu Yingxiong in a political marriage, she is determined to be with Wei Xiaobao. Before her wedding, she drugs Wei Xiaobao and strips him naked, whipping him and eventually trying to use candles to burn his hair. Jianning seduces Wei, and he sleeps with her that night. Wei later gives her one of the guns he received from Wu Sangui as a gift. Jianning eventually tricks Wu Yingxiong into going into her room and points the gun at him and orders him to strip before castrating him. The marriage still goes through, although Jianning continually has affairs with Wei Xiaobao. Eventually, she reveals to Wei that she is pregnant with his child and they elope. Kangxi eventually tells Wei in a letter that he will accept Jianning and his relationship.
  • Zeng Rou (Chinese: 曾柔; pinyin: Zēng Róu; Jyutping: Zang1 Jau4) was from the Wangwu Sect. She tries to assassinate Wei but ends up falling in love with him. In contrast with Jianning, she is the most polite and cultured among the seven.
  • Mu Jianping (traditional Chinese: 沐劍屏; simplified Chinese: 沐剑屏; pinyin: Mù Jiànpíng; Jyutping: Muk6 Gim3-ping4) is Mu Jiansheng's younger sister. She was captured by the Mystic Dragon Cult and forced to join the cult. She is the youngest and most naive of the seven.
  • Shuang'er (traditional Chinese: 雙兒; simplified Chinese: 双儿; pinyin: Shuāng'ér; Jyutping: Soeng1-ji4) was a servant of the Zhuang family in Huzhou. The matriarch tells her to follow Wei and serve him, as an expression of her gratitude to Wei for helping their family kill Oboi. She becomes Wei's bodyguard. Among the seven, she is the one who understands Wei the most.
  • A'ke (Chinese: 阿珂; pinyin: Ā'kē; Jyutping: Aa3-o1) is the daughter of Li Zicheng and Chen Yuanyuan. She has a crush on Zheng Keshuang previously but leaves him after he reveals his true colours. She is Wei's most beautiful wife.

Wei Xiaobao's three children[edit]

  • Wei Shuangshuang (traditional Chinese: 韋雙雙; simplified Chinese: 韦双双; pinyin: Wéi Shuāngshuāng; Jyutping: Wai4 Soeng1-soeng1) is Wei's daughter, born to Princess Jianning. Originally named "Bandeng" (Chinese: 板凳; pinyin: Bǎndèng; Jyutping: Baan2 Dang3), which means "wooden bench", her name was changed to "Shuangshuang" (means "pair pair") on Su Quan's suggestion.

Qing dynasty[edit]

  • The Empress Dowager is the empress of the Kangxi Emperor's father, the Shunzhi Emperor. She serves as a stepmother to the young Kangxi Emperor. She was immobilised and imprisoned in a wardrobe in her room by Mao Dongzhu, who has been impersonating her for several years. She is freed by Wei Xiaobao after Mao Dongzhu flees when her cover is blown. Some readers believe her to be the historical Empress Xiaohuizhang even though there are no references to her in the novel other than "Empress Dowager".
  • The Four Regents help the Kangxi Emperor govern the empire when he was still a child. The emperor later took over the reins of power when he came to of age. The four are:

Heaven and Earth Society[edit]

See also: Tiandihui

Kingdom of Tungning[edit]

Ming dynasty associates[edit]

  • A'qi (Chinese: 阿琪; pinyin: Ā'qí; Jyutping: Aa3-kei4) is one of Jiunan's disciples. She marries the Mongol prince Galdan.
  • Tao Hongying (Chinese: 陶红英; pinyin: Táo Hóngyīng; Jyutping: Tou4 Hung4-jing1) was a palace maid who served Princess Changping. She continues to work in the palace during the Qing dynasty. She was ordered by her teacher to steal the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters.

House of Prince Mu[edit]

Mystic Dragon Cult[edit]

The Mystic Dragon Cult (traditional Chinese: 神龍教; simplified Chinese: 神龙教; pinyin: Shén Lóng Jiào; Jyutping: San4 Lung4 Gaau3) is a martial arts sect based on Mystic Dragon Island (神龍島), located somewhere off the northeastern coast of China.

  • Hong Antong (Chinese: 洪安通; pinyin: Hóng Āntōng; Jyutping: Hung4 On1-tung1) is the cult's leader. He is killed during the cult's internal conflict.
  • Mao Dongzhu (traditional Chinese: 毛東珠; simplified Chinese: 毛东珠; pinyin: Máo Dōngzhū; Jyutping: Mou4 Dung1-zyu1) is Mao Wenlong's daughter. She is sent by the cult to infiltrate the palace and impersonate the empress dowager. She taught the Kangxi Emperor martial arts when the latter was still a boy. She flees from the palace when her cover is blown by Wei Xiaobao. She is eventually killed by the Gui family.
  • Liu Yan (Chinese: 柳燕; pinyin: Lǐu Yàn; Jyutping: Lau5 Jin3) is Mao Dongzhu's junior. She disguises herself as a palace maid. She is killed by Fang Yi.
  • Fat Monk (traditional Chinese: 胖頭陀; simplified Chinese: 胖头陀; pinyin: Pàng Tóutuó; Jyutping: Pun4 Tau4-to4) is the cult's "Fat Venerable" (Chinese: 胖尊者; pinyin: Pàng Zūnzhě; Jyutping: Pun4 Zyun1-ze2). He was once fat but gradually shrunk in size and becomes thin after being poisoned by Hong Antong. He is slain by Hong during the cult's internal conflict.
  • Thin Monk (traditional Chinese: 瘦頭陀; simplified Chinese: 瘦头陀; pinyin: Shòu Tóutuó; Jyutping: Sau3 Tau4-to4) is the cult's "Thin Venerable" (Chinese: 瘦尊者; pinyin: Shòu Zūnzhě; Jyutping: Sau3 Zyun1-ze2). He was once thin but gradually becomes fat after being poisoned by Hong Antong. He is the lover of Mao Dongzhu, and fathered Princess Jianning with her. He and Mao are both killed by the Gui family.

Wu Sangui and associates[edit]

  • Wu Yingxiong (traditional Chinese: 吳應熊; simplified Chinese: 吴应熊; pinyin: Wú Yìngxíong; Jyutping: Ng4 Jing3-hung4) is Wu Sangui's son. The Kangxi Emperor arranges for a marriage between Wu Yingxiong and Princess Jianning in a bid to strengthen ties with Wu Sangui. Wei Xiaobao is appointed imperial commissioner by the emperor to escort the princess to Yunnan and oversee the wedding. However, Jianning refuses to marry Wu Yingxiong and she castrates Wu and accuses him of molesting her. Wu Yingxiong is later sent to the capital as a hostage to ensure his father's loyalty to the Qing Empire. He is executed when his father starts a rebellion.
  • Xia Guoxiang (traditional Chinese: 夏國相; simplified Chinese: 夏国相; pinyin: Xià Guóxiàng) is the chancellor of Wu Sangui's fiefdom and Wu's son-in-law. He is conned by Wei Xiaobao into releasing the assassin who made an attempt on Wu Sangui's life.

Russian Empire[edit]

  • Ivan (Chinese: 伊凡; pinyin: Yīfán) is a half brother of Peter I and co-ruler of Russia.
  • (Alexei) Tolbuzin (traditional Chinese: 圖爾布青; simplified Chinese: 图尔布青; pinyin: Tú'ěrbùqīng) is a Russian general. He argues with Wei Xiaobao about the border between the Qing Empire and Russia.

Miscellaneous characters[edit]

  • The Shunzhi Emperor (traditional Chinese: 順治皇帝; simplified Chinese: 顺治皇帝; pinyin: Shùnzhì Huángdì; Jyutping: Seon6-zi6 Wong4-dai3) was the former ruler of the Qing Empire and the Kangxi Emperor's father. He disappeared from the palace after his favourite concubine Consort Donggo died and he is presumed dead. It is revealed later that he has become a monk in Qingliang Temple (清涼寺) on Mount Wutai and has adopted a new name, Xingchi (traditional Chinese: 行癡; simplified Chinese: 行痴; pinyin: Xíngchī; Jyutping: Hang4-ci1). He is temporarily reunited with his son with Wei Xiaobao's help, but decides to permanently retire from worldly affairs and continue being a monk. He gives some brief advice to his son on governing the empire.
  • Mongols:
    • Galdan (traditional Chinese: 葛爾丹; simplified Chinese: 葛尔丹; pinyin: Gé'ěrdān; Jyutping: Got3-ji5-daan1) is a Mongol prince who allies with Wu Sangui during the rebellion staged by the latter. He initially blames Wei Xiaobao for the failure of the revolt but is later deceived by Wei into believing that Wu Sangui betrayed him. He becomes sworn brothers with Wei. He marries A'qi later.
    • Hantiemo (Chinese: 罕帖摩; pinyin: Hàntiēmó) is an envoy sent by Galdan to meet Wu Sangui. Wei Xiaobao tricks him into describing the full plans of Wu Sangui's rebellion and then has Hantiemo arrested and sent to the Kangxi Emperor.
  • Mao Shiba (Chinese: 茅十八; pinyin: Máo Shíbā; Jyutping: Maau4 Sap6-baat3) is a jianghu martial artist and outlaw. He brings Wei Xiaobao to Beijing, where both of them are kidnapped by Hai Dafu and brought into the palace. He escapes later and is saved by members of the Heaven and Earth Society. He meets Wei again later when the latter joins the society. He accuses Wei of being a traitor when the latter is forced to help the Kangxi Emperor persecute the society. He is captured and sentenced to death but Wei saves him by making him switch places with Feng Xifan.
  • The Third Young Mistress Zhuang (traditional Chinese: 莊三少奶; simplified Chinese: 庄三少奶; pinyin: Zhuāng Sān Shàonǎi) is the matriarch of the Zhuang family and a student of He Tieshou. She leads the family after its male members were all massacred by Oboi. She is grateful to Wei Xiaobao for helping them take their revenge, and she tells Shuang'er to accompany him.

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