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For the probability distribution, see Weibull distribution.

Weibull is the surname of a Swedish family.

The Weibull family originally came from the village of Weiböl in Widstedts parish in Schleswig-Holstein, at that time closely connected with Denmark. The common ancestor was Lauritz Hansen Weibull, a bailiff who lived in the early 1600s in Göinge in Skåne, Sweden.

Known historians in the family include the brothers Lauritz and Curt, (two of the nine children of Prof. Martin Weibull, 1835-1902) who, foregrounding the significance of historiography developed Swedish a methodical stance (and methodological foundation) concerned with questioning the validity and trajectories of alleged sources in historical writing(s). It has been claimed that both Curt and Lauritz can be said to be positivist in their orientation.

The Weibull probability distribution is named after Waloddi Weibull, an engineer and physicist at the Royal Institute of Technology.


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