Bannered routes of U.S. Route 95

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U.S. Route 95 marker

U.S. Route 95
Highway system

Several bannered routes of U.S. Route 95 exist. In order from south to north they are as follows.


Las Vegas business loop[edit]

U.S. Route 95 Business
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Length: 8.715 mi[1] (14.025 km)

Business U.S. 95 is cosigned with SR 599 (Rancho Drive) in Las Vegas, Nevada. This distinction is noted on US 95 freeway signs and many maps (including those published by the Nevada Department of Transportation[2]). However, no business route signs are posted along the highway itself, and relatively few SR 599 shields can be found on the route.

Hawthorne truck route[edit]

U.S. Route 95 Truck
Location: Hawthorne, Nevada
Length: 1.297 mi[3] (2.087 km)

U.S. Route 95 Truck (US 95 Truck) is a truck route of US 95 in Mineral County, Nevada, in the United States. It serves as a bypass route for trucks taking US 95 past Hawthorne in either direction, as US 95 itself goes through that community. The route is co-designated as State Route 362 (SR 362); however, that designation is unsigned.

Schurz-Fernley alternate route[edit]

U.S. Route 95 Alternate
Location: Schurz-Fernley, Nevada
Length: 105 mi[4] (169.0 km)
Existed: 1941–

U.S. Route 95 Alternate (Alternate US 95, US 95A) is an alternate route of U.S. Route 95 located in the western part of Nevada. It connects Schurz to Interstate 80 via the cities of Yerington and Fernley.

Payette spur[edit]

U.S. Route 95 Spur
Location: Payette, Idaho
Length: 1.403 mi[5] (2.258 km)

U.S. Route 95 Spur is a 1.403 mile [5] spur route of U.S. Route 95 in the U.S. state of Idaho that connects travelers from US-95 to the city center of Payette.

US-95 Spur starts at its terminus with US-95 in the southern part of the city of Payette and travels northward along S. Main Street Approximately 1.1 miles (1.8 km) then continues a short distance on S 7th St to its terminus at State Highway 52.[6]

This was the original routing of US-95 through downtown Payette before it was rerouted to its current alignment east of downtown along 16th Street.[7][8]

Weiser spur[edit]

U.S. Route 95 Spur
Location: Weiser Junction, Oregon-Weiser, Idaho

U.S. Route 95 Spur is a short spur route of U.S. Highway 95 in the U.S. states of Oregon and Idaho. The highway's eastern terminus is in Weiser, Idaho, at an intersection with U.S. Highway 95. Its western terminus is at an intersection with Oregon Route 201 in unincorporated Weiser Junction, Oregon. It was formed ca. 1980, when it was renumbered from U.S. Highway 30N.

The route passes through Oregon and Idaho. The Oregon section of US-95 Spur is designated the Weiser Spur of the Olds Ferry-Ontario Highway No. 455 (see Oregon highways and routes).

The route now known as US-95 Spur was previously known as U.S. Highway 630 and U.S. Highway 30N. U.S. Route 630 was an east–west United States highway. It was decommissioned in or around 1931. With a length of around three miles, it may have been the shortest signed US route ever. It was concurrent with US-30N for its entire length. An earlier route numbered US-630 was proposed from Echo, Utah (northeast of Coalville) to Ogden, Utah, but was never signed in the field. U.S. Route 30N was a split route off of U.S. Highway 30 and was coterminous with U.S. Highway 630 at its west end in Oregon. East of Weiser, it was concurrent with what is now US-95 to Fruitland, Idaho, where it reconnected with US-30.


Las Vegas alternate route[edit]

U.S. Route 95 Alternate
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Length: 4.40 mi[9] (7.08 km)
Existed: by 1953–by 1989

U.S. Route 95 Alternate (Alternate US 95, US 95A) was an alternate route of U.S. Route 95 in Las Vegas, Nevada that provided a bypass of the downtown area. The route was also designated as State Route 5C, a branch of State Route 5.

St. Maries, ID alternate route[edit]


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