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Welcome Air Luftfahrt GmbH & Co KG[1]
Welcome Air Logo.svg
Founded May 2000
Hubs Innsbruck Airport, Austria
Fleet size 3
Destinations 8
Parent company Lions Air Group (Switzerland)[2]
Headquarters Innsbruck, Austria
Key people Helmut Wurm (chief executive officer)[1]
Website http://www.welcomeair.com/

Welcome Air Luftfahrt GmbH & Co KG - short Welcome Air - is an airline with its head office in Innsbruck, Austria.[3]


  • On 14. June 1995[4] Jakob Ringler, since 1983 one of the directors of Tyrolean Air Ambulance (founded 1963 as Aircraft Innsbruck),[5] founded Welcome Air Luftfahrt GmbH.[6]
  • Through a management buy out in 2000 Tyrolen Air Ambulance (renamed then Tyrol Air Ambulance), which had closely links to the local airline "Tyrolean Airways" as well as to the helicopter company "Heliair" (formerly "Aircraft Innsbruck"), became part of Jakob Ringler's "Welcome Air" after he took over the majority[5] (in 2011 93,27% belonging to Welcome Air)[4]
  • On 22. May 2000 Welcome Air starts its first flight with Do-328 from Innsbruck to Graz[7]
  • 2009 Welcome Air taken over by Lions Air Group (Switzerland) which also taken over the majority of Air Alps. The umbrella company Welcome Aviation Group set up to merge the companies Tyrol Air Ambulance, Air Alps and Welcome Air and their head offices into one in Innsbruck[2]
  • In Juli 2011 Welcome Aviation Group announced a restructure and therefore Welcome Air will concentrate its activities on business & event charters and will end the Innsbruck - Graz service, but will continue the summer operations to Innsbruck/Graz-Olbia and Innsbruck-Nice. Air Alps will concentrate its activities on the Italian schedule operations and Tyrol Air Ambulance on its ambulance operations.[2]


Welcome Air operates the following services (as of 23 July 2011):[8]

In winter it also operates for its subsidiary, the Tyrol Air Ambulance to transport injured skiers.

Former scheduled destinations:


The Welcome Air fleet consists of the following aircraft (as of 30 March 2011):

Welcome Air Fleet
Aircraft Total Orders Passengers
Dornier 328-110 2 0 31
Dornier 328JET 1 0 32 Operate for Austrian Airlines
Total 3 0


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