Welf II, Count of Swabia

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Welf II (c.960/70 - died 10 March 1030) was a Swabian count and a member of the Elder House of Welf. He was a younger son of Rudolf II, Count of Altdorf and Ida of Swabia (daughter of Conrad I, Duke of Swabia).

Welf opposed the election of Conrad II in 1024 because it did not suit his interests, but he had to eventually relent.[1]

In the 1020s, Welf feuded with the dioceses of Augsburg and Freising; he pillaged the treasury of Bruno, Bishop of Augsburg, and sacked the city of Augsburg.[2]

Welf II was married to Imiza, daughter of Count Frederick of Luxembourg.[3] With Imiza, Welf had at least two children:

Welf died in 1030 and was buried at Altdorf.


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