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Wellington Jewels was a Washington, D.C.-based jewellery store and direct mail chain, operating from the 1960s through the 1990s. The chain specialized in "artificial" and/or "counterfeit" diamond jewelry and sold high-quality gold and platinum settings containing imitation gems.[1]

Wellington Jewels was a business venture of marketer, socialite and activist Helen Ver Standig(née Von Stondeg), aka "Madame Wellington," and her husband Moishe Belmont "Mac" Ver Standig. Mrs. Ver Standig was the subject of a caricature that New York Times cartoonist Al Hirschfeld drew of her at her husband's request, this caricature was extensively used in the chain's advertising.[2] In its heyday,[when?] Wellington Jewels had retail stores in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Tysons Corner, Toronto and Palm Beach, among others.

In 1992, the M. Belmont Ver Standig group sold Wellington Jewels to QVC.[2]


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