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This article is about the name Wells. For other uses, see Wells (disambiguation).
Family name
Meaning "spring"
Region of origin England
Related names Well, Welman, Welles, Wellman and Wellsman
See also: Welles (name) and Welles (disambiguation)

Wells is a surname of English origin, but is occasionally used as a given name too. It derives from occupation, location, and topography. The occupational name (i.e. "Wellman") derives from the person responsible for a village's spring. The locational name (i.e. "Well") derives from the pre-7th century waella ("spring"). The topographical name (i.e. "Attewell") derives from living near a spring. The oldest public record is found in 1177 in the county of Norfolk. Variations of Wells include Well, Welman, Welles, Wellman and Wellsman.[1][2] At the time of the British Census of 1881 Wells Surname at Forebears, its relative frequency was highest in Berkshire (3.2 times the British average), followed by Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Kinross-shire, Huntingdonshire, Kent, Sussex, Lincolnshire, Dumfriesshire and Bedfordshire. People with the name include:



  • Alan Wells (born 1961), English cricketer
  • Alexander H. Wells (d. 1857), New York lawyer, newspaper editor and politician
  • Alexander D Wells (born 1964), musician and salsa dancer living in Malta
  • Alfred Wells (1814–1867), U.S. Representative from New York
  • Alfred Wells (1859–1935), architect in South Australia
  • Alice Stebbins Wells (1873—1957), first female officer in Los Angeles Police Dept
  • Allan Wells (born 1952) Scottish Olympic athlete
  • Alphege of Wells (or Ælfheah, died c.937), third Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Wells
  • Andy Wells, mayor of the city of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
  • Andrew Wells, character in the U.S. television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Angus Wells (1943–2006), British writer of genre fiction, including fantasy and westerns
  • Audrey Wells (born 1960), American screenwriter, film director and producer





  • EJ Wells and Samantha Brady, fictional characters from the American soap opera Days of our Lives
  • Earle Wells (born 1933), New Zealand Olympic Gold medallist in yachting
  • Ed Wells (baseball) (1900–1986), American baseball pitcher, nickname "Satchelfoot"
  • Edmund W. Wells (1846–1938), American jurist, businessman, and politician.
  • Edward Wells (theologian) (1667–1727), English mathematician, geographer, and controversial theologian
  • Edward Wells (MP) (1821–1910), English Conservative Party politician, MP for Wallingford 1872–80
  • Edward Curtis Wells (1910–1986), director of Boeing Company, designer of the Boeing 747
  • Emmeline B. Wells (1828–1921), American journalist, editor, poet, women's rights advocate and diarist
  • Erastus Wells (1823–1893), American politician and businessman
  • Erik Wells, contemporary American politician and former television news anchor
  • Evelyn Wells, 20th century biographer and author


  • Fay Gillis Wells (1908–2002), pioneer aviator, journalist and broadcaster
  • Frank Wells (1932–1994), American entertainment businessman




  • Ida B. Wells (1862–1931), African American civil rights leader
  • Ima Wells (1936-2014), American educator and politician
  • Ira K. Wells (1871–1934), American lawyer and federal judge



  • Keith Wells (1962–1994), convicted and executed murderer
  • Kent Wells (born 1967), American football player
  • Kerry Anne Wells, Miss Australia and Miss Universe, 1972
  • Kip Wells (born Robert Wells, 1977), American baseball player
  • Kitty Wells (born Ellen Muriel Deason, 1919–2012), American country music singer
  • Kristin Wells, the secret identity of the 1981 version of DC Comics Superwoman


  • L. M. Wells (1862–1923), American actor of the silent era
  • Lawrence Wells (1860–1938), Australian explorer
  • Lee Wells (born 1971), American artist, curator, technology and art consultant
  • Lemuel H. Wells (1841–1936), first Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane
  • Leo Wells (born 1917), American baseball player
  • Lesley B. Wells (born 1937), U.S. federal judge
  • Linton Wells (1893–1976), American foreign correspondent, world traveller and pioneer broadcaster
  • Lloyd C. A. Wells (1924–2005), American sports photographer and civil rights advocate
  • Lloyd Wells (born c. mid-1940s), American jazz guitarist
  • Lynn Wells, American civil rights activist during the 1960s
  • Leon Wells, US Navy Instructor











  • Zach Wells (born Zachary Stephen Wells, 1981), American soccer goalkeeper
  • Zachariah Wells (born 1976), Canadian poet, critic, essayist and editor
  • Zeb Wells, American comic book writer

First name[edit]

  • Wells A. Hutchins (1818–1895), U.S. Representative from Ohio
  • Wells Coates (1895–1958), Canadian-born English architect, designer and writer
  • Wells Goodykoontz (1872–1944), American politician from West Virginia
  • Wells Spicer (1831-1887?), American journalist, prospector, politician, lawyer and judge
  • Wells Thompson (born 1983), American soccer player
  • Wells Tower (born April 14, 1973), American writer of short stories and non-fiction.

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