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Welsh Mountain Zoo
Date opened 1963
Location Colwyn Bay, Conwy County, Wales
Coordinates 53°17′38″N 3°44′52″W / 53.2939°N 3.7479°W / 53.2939; -3.7479Coordinates: 53°17′38″N 3°44′52″W / 53.2939°N 3.7479°W / 53.2939; -3.7479
Land area 37 acres (15 ha)
Website www.welshmountainzoo.org

The Welsh Mountain Zoo,[1] sometimes called Colwyn Bay Zoo, is a zoological garden located near the town of Colwyn Bay in Conwy County, Wales. The zoo was opened on 18 May 1963 by the wildlife enthusiast and naturalist Robert Jackson. The zoo covers an area of 37 acres (15 ha).[2]


After the Zoological Society of Wales was formed in 1983 to manage the interests and operation of the zoo, its development programme led to the creation of the following features:

  • Jungle Adventureland (completed 1986)
  • European Otter Enclosure (1987)
  • Chimpanzee World and Chimp Encounter (1990)
  • Children's Farm (1990)
  • Bear Falls (1996)
  • Golden Eagles (1999)

Recent additions[edit]

2006 saw the opening of Sealion Rock, a new enclosure for the zoo's group of California sea lions. The arrival of a pair of endangered snow leopards and the breeding of the very first Bactrian camel in Wales followed. 2007 saw the opening of Condor Haven, an aviary housing the zoo's Andean condors Sonya and Gus, as well as other South American bird species. Caracaras have now been placed in the old condor aviary. Margay are another recent addition to the collection.

The zoo's next development project is the construction of a new tropical house for reptiles and new alligator facilities. Work began in 2007 with the demolition of the old tortoise and cactus house.

Species list[edit]






Children's Farm animals[edit]


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