Welsh Open (darts)

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Welsh Open
Tournament information
Venue 1986 Butlins Barry Island, from 1987 Pontins,
Location Prestatyn
Country Wales
Established 1986
Organisation(s) BDO/WDF
Format Legs (until QF)
Sets (from QF)
Month(s) Played May

The Welsh Open is a darts tournament organised by the World Darts Federation and affiliated with the British Darts Organisation which has been staged annually since 1986. In 2008 the tournament was televised in the United Kingdom for the first time on Setanta Sports as part of the BDO's new Grand Prix series.

Venue and sponsors[edit]

From 1987 the event has been staged at the Pontins holiday camp in Prestatyn, North Wales. The singles tournaments is sponsored by Red Dragon Sports and Pontins sponsor the other events.

Previous winners[edit]

Year Date Champion Runner-Up Semi-Finalists Quarter-Finalists
1986 July EnglandCliff Lazarenko
1987 July
1988 EnglandSteve Gittins EnglandPaul Reynolds
1989 EnglandChris Dalton EnglandPaul Reynolds
1990 20 May EnglandKevin Kenny EnglandAlan Warriner WalesEric Burden, EnglandPaul Williams ScotlandPeter Masson
1991 19 May EnglandRonnie Baxter WalesMarshall James EnglandKevin Spiolek, EnglandWayne Jones Alan Kenwright, EnglandBob Nixon, EnglandAlan Warriner, Alan Croft
1992 17 May EnglandDennis Priestley EnglandAlan Warriner EnglandDave Hirst, EnglandRod Harrington EnglandKevin Spiolek, WalesMarshall James, WalesBrian Cairns, WalesWayne Aston
1993 16 May EnglandRonnie Baxter EnglandDave Fallas EnglandPaul Williams, EnglandTerry Jenkins
1994 15 May WalesRichie Burnett EnglandAndy Jenkins EnglandMike Gregory, EnglandMartin Adams WalesLeighton Rees, EnglandPaul Williams, EnglandShayne Burgess, WalesDerek Hampton
1995 14 May WalesRichie Burnett EnglandMartin Adams EnglandPaul Knighton, ScotlandAndy Wallace EnglandTed Hankey, EnglandPaul Williams, EnglandTony O'Shea, EnglandTony Hull
1996 19 May EnglandNicky Turner ScotlandAlan Brown EnglandAndy Thomas, Northern IrelandGeoff Wylie WalesRitchie Davies, EnglandSteve Beaton, EnglandAlan Johnson, WalesDerek Williams
1997 18 May WalesMarshall James EnglandIan Roe EnglandTony O'Shea, WalesJoe Palmer WalesRobert Hughes, EnglandRonnie Baxter, EnglandMartin Angell, EnglandAndy Jenkins
1998 31 May WalesSteve Alker EnglandColin Monk BelgiumErik Clarys, EnglandKevin Weir EnglandMartin Angell, EnglandTed Hankey, EnglandChris Mason, EnglandKevin Painter
1999 29–31 May EnglandAndy Smith EnglandRonnie Baxter ScotlandBob Taylor, EnglandRobbie Widdows EnglandDenis Ovens, EnglandGary Spedding, EnglandJohn Walton, ScotlandPeter Johnstone
2000 27–29 May EnglandJohn Walton EnglandPeter Allen EnglandColin Monk, EnglandAndy Fordham EnglandNick Gedney, EnglandDenis Ovens, EnglandIan Roe, ScotlandPeter Johnstone
2001 25–27 May ScotlandGary Anderson EnglandJohn Walton ScotlandMike Veitch, EnglandShaun Greatbatch EnglandDarryl Fitton, EnglandDave Smith, EnglandMike Gregory, EnglandNorman Fletcher
2002 25–26 May EnglandAndy Fordham EnglandIan Jones NetherlandsJean Paul van Acker, EnglandPaul Beard EnglandRonnie Baxter, EnglandLes Fitton, WalesSean Palfrey, EnglandMatt Clark
2003 31 May EnglandIan Brand WalesRitchie Davies EnglandTony Hull, EnglandChris North EnglandTony West, BelgiumErik Clarys, EnglandTony Martin, EnglandJohn Walton
2004 6 Jun WalesTony Ridler EnglandTony West NetherlandsVincent van der Voort, EnglandMark Chiswell EnglandSteve Farmer, ScotlandRoss Montgomery, WalesMark Lewis, WalesMartin Phillips
2005 21 May DenmarkPer Laursen NetherlandsKees Slokkers EnglandMartin Homer, NetherlandsNiels de Ruiter EnglandShaun Greatbatch, NetherlandsMareno Michels, DenmarkBrian Sørensen, WalesMartyn Freeman
2006 20–21 May NetherlandsMichael van Gerwen ScotlandGary Anderson EnglandMartin Atkins, WalesMark Webster EnglandRobert Green, EnglandMartyn Turner, EnglandJohn Walton, EnglandDicky Foster
2007 19–20 May WalesMark Webster EnglandScott Waites EnglandChris Thompson, NetherlandsRemco van Eijden NetherlandsCo Stompé, EnglandDavy Richardson, EnglandDarron Twist, EnglandDarren Stevenson
2008 18 May ScotlandGary Anderson WalesMark Webster SwedenAlan Norris, WalesRobert Hughes ScotlandIan Jones, ScotlandRobert Thornton, WalesAlan Walker, WalesTony Clark
2009 17 May ScotlandRoss Montgomery ScotlandMark Barilli EnglandDougie Smith, EnglandStuart Kellet EnglandMartin Atkins, EnglandWayne Brown, EnglandBrian Derbyshire, EnglandSteve West
2010 16 May EnglandPaul Jennings NetherlandsToon Greebe EnglandStuart Kellett, ScotlandMark Barilli EnglandStephen Bunting, WalesKelvin Painter, EnglandPhil Nixon, ScotlandRobert McMartin
2011 15 May ScotlandRoss Montgomery WalesMartin Phillips NetherlandsJan Dekker, EnglandPaul Jennings EnglandJohn Walton, EnglandSteve West, EnglandJames Wilson, EnglandAndy Boulton
2012 20 May WalesTony Bradley EnglandTony O'Shea WalesMartin Phillips, NetherlandsJan Dekker EnglandJamie Hughes, ScotlandRoss Montgomery, NetherlandsMichel van de Horst, WalesWayne Warren
2013 19 May EnglandStephen Bunting EnglandRobbie Green NetherlandsRemco van Eijden, EnglandScott Waites EnglandJamie Hughes, EnglandIan Jones, NetherlandsErwin Renkema, EnglandPaul Jennings

Tournament records[edit]