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Tactical Recognition Flash (TRF) of the Royal Logistic Corps

The Welsh Transport Regiment RLC (Volunteers) is the only Territorial Army logistic unit based solely in Wales. The Regiment is operationally focussed and comprises one HQ Squadron and three Task Squadrons:

A Troop 224 (Pembroke Yeomanry) Transport Squadron - Haverfordwest.
  • 580 Transport Squadron - Maindy Barracks, Cardiff.
B Troop 580 Transport Regiment - Litchard Cross, Bridgend.


The Regiment has a proud history of providing trained reservists to support the Regular Army on operations. Within the UK, the Regiment provides support to the Regular Army, Police and Local Authorities, as and when required, most notably during the UK Armed Forces Day celebrations held in Cardiff and the running of the Army's premier Patrol Exercise, the Cambrian Patrol.

Battle Honours[edit]

FISHGUARD. This was awarded to the Pembroke Yeomanry (Castlemartin) in 1853[1] to reflect the Regiment's involvement in the last invasion of Britain by the French in 1797. This honour is carried forward to the Welsh Transport Regiment by 224 (Pembroke Yeomanry) Sqn.


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The Last Invasion of Britain by E.H. Stewart-James

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