Wen Hui

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Wen Hui
Official of Cao Wei
Born 178[citation needed]
Died 223[citation needed]
Simplified Chinese 温恢
Traditional Chinese 溫恢
Pinyin Wēn Huī
Wade–Giles Wen Hui
Courtesy name Manji (Chinese: 曼基; pinyin: Mànjī; Wade–Giles: Man-chi)

Wen Hui (178-223[citation needed]), courtesy name Manji, was a minister of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period. Wen Hui was a reputed administrator in Wei. After many successful performances as a local official in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, Wen Hui returned to the capital and ended up becoming a chancellor of records. Cao Cao quickly took notice of Wen Hui's skill and promoted him to many other important positions in the future.

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