Wen Zhong (Spring and Autumn)

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Wen Zhong (Chinese: 文種; Pinyin: Wén Zhǒng) was an advisor in the state of Yue in the Spring and Autumn Period. He was a native of Ying (today Jingzhou, Hubei Province).

After Yue was defeated by the state of Wu in 494 BC, Wen Zhong corrupted Bo Pi, the advisor to the leader of Wu, in order to make peace. During King Goujian of Yue's captivity in Wu as hostage, Wen Zhong governed Yue. After his release Goujian started a new war with Wu and defeated them. Afterwards, Wen Zhong was killed by King Goujian.

In the 1957 novel by Xiao Jun, Wen Zhong is portrayed, however, as a loyal minister of Goujian, suffering a tragic fortune.