Juan Wanceslao Figuereo

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Juan Wenceslao Figuereo ("Chachi") was a politician in the Dominican Republic. He was adopted by a widely politically famous and influential family, even in present day Dominican Republic. Born in San Juan de la Maguana Province in 1834, Wenceslao lived up until his late 70's until his death in 1910. After which, he "passed on" the constant public eye to his successors being those closest to him who inhabit the prestigious Figuereo title.

Political career[edit]

Wenceslao matured into a Republican Party politician who served as President of the Dominican Republic from the 1st to the 31st of August in 1899 after the assassination of Ulises Heureaux, former president of The Dominican Republic during his second term. Before political success, a 14 year-old Wenceslao showed promises of a future politician by initiating his political life in the context of the battles pro-independence. He was the Vice-president during the administration of Ulises Heureaux, and after the shooting in Moca on July 26, 1899, Figuereo assumed the presidency served as the 15th Vice President of the Dominican Republic from 1893 to 1897. Today, while no longer as politically inclined after generations of politics, the Figuereo family remains a focal point in Dominican societies. The Figuereo family has past politics and well executed empires of all sorts to thank for their current stature in Dominican society.