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Cover for Wendingen, vol. 2, nr. 1, January 1919, by K.P.C. de Bazel.

Wendingen (Dutch:Inversions / Upheaval) was an art magazine that appeared from 1918 to 1932. It was a monthly publication aimed at architects and interior designers. The booklet was published by Amsterdam publisher Hooge Brug and it was a mouthpiece for the architect association Architectura et Amicitia. (Architecture and Friendship). The chief editor was the architect H. Th. Wijdeveld. Wendingen initially was an important platform for Dutch expressionism, also known as the Amsterdam School, and later endorsed the New Objectivity.

In spite of the link of Wendingen with an architect's association, the contents of the booklet were not limited to architecture but attention was also given to art and design. The magazine gained recognition not only through its content but also by its remarkable square format and the striking typography of architect H.Th. Wijdeveld, El Lissitzky, Vilmos Huszar and others.

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