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Wendler may refer to:

  • Wendler Arena, an ice rink which is part of the Dow Event Center in Saginaw, Michigan
  • Wendler Middle School, Anchorage School District, Alaska
  • Wendler (Karosseriebau) (established 1840), car body manufacturers in Reutlingen, Germany

Any of the following people:

  • Adolph Christian Wendler (1734-1794), mayor of Leipzig
  • Andy Wendler, founding member of the punk band Necros
  • Anne-Kathrin "Anni" Wendler (born 1985), contestant on Germany's Next Topmodel, Cycle 2
  • Christian Wendler (born 1989), German ice hockey goalie
  • Edwin Wendler (born 1975), Austrian composer
  • Frank Wendler, German motorcycle racer
  • Franz Wendler (1913-2007), German glass artist
  • Friedrich Moritz Wendler (1814-1872), German painter
  • Hans Wendler (1905-1989), German steam locomotive engineer
  • Hansi Wendler (1912-2010), German actress
  • Herbert Wendler (1912-1998), German confectionery manufacturer
  • Jack Wendler, art gallery owner
  • Joachim Wendler (1939-1975), West German aquanaut
  • Kurt Wendler (1893-1980), German graphic artist, painter and photographer
  • Michael Wendler (born 1972), German singer
  • Otto Bernhard Wendler (1895-1958), German educator and writer
  • Philipp Wendler (born 1991), Austrian footballer
  • Richard Wendler (1898-1972), Nazi politician
  • Walter Wendler, former chancellor of Southern Illinois University