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The Wenhui–Xinmin United Press Group (Chinese文汇新民联合报业集团, p Wénhuì–Xīnmín Liánhé Bàoyè Jítuán) is a Chinese- and English-language media company. It was established on July 25, 1998, by the merger of the Xinmin Evening News (est. 1929) and the Wenhui Daily (est. 1938).[1][2] It is the parent company of the English-language Shanghai Daily and publishes foreign editions of its newspapers and magazines in ten countries, including the United States and Australia.

The group helped operate the Shanghai Oriental Art Center[3] and continues to operate the 2.6-billion RMB Shanghai Yueju Opera Troupe.[2] It also owns Shanghai City Animation Company, which coöperates with the Walt Disney Company to produce and distribute Disney shows in China.


There are a variety of publications under the Wenhui–Xinmin United Press Group, including:

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