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Bishop of Worcester
Church Catholic
See Diocese of Worcester
In office c. 873–c. 912
Predecessor Ealhhun
Successor Æthelhun
Consecration either in 872 or between 869 and 872
Personal details
Died either in 915 or between 907 and 915
Charter S 1281 dated 904, grant of Bishop Werferth to his reeve, Wulfsige

Werferth (Wærferth, Werfrith, or Waerfrith) was an English bishop of Worcester.

Werferth was consecrated either in 872 or between 869 and 872.[1] A contemporary and friend of Alfred the Great, he was a significant translator, from Latin into Old English. His translations include the Dialogues of Gregory, commissioned by Alfred.[2] He died either in 915 or between 907 and 915.[1]


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Bishop of Worcester
c. 873–c. 912
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