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Wesley Eisold
Born (1979-02-15) February 15, 1979 (age 35)
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Genres Hardcore punk, grindcore, synthpop, dark wave
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician, poet
Instruments Vocals, synthesizer
Years active 1995 (1995)–present
Labels Bridge 9, Deathwish, Epitaph, Equal Vision, Heartworm, Matador
Associated acts Cold Cave, Give Up the Ghost, Some Girls, XO Skeletons

Wesley Eisold (born February 15, 1979) is a musician, poet and author. He records music under the name Cold Cave and runs the publishing house Heartworm Press.


Wesley Eisold performs his music under the name Cold Cave.

He is an alumnus of the hardcore punk groups and noise rock bands American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost, Some Girls, XO Skeletons and Ye Olde Maids.

He has performed in less traditional music venues such as the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Getty Center.

According to the Guardian, "Wesley Eisold is an absolutely new, young god of nihilism and despair – he brilliantly captures Cold Cave's aesthetic: the Morrissey of How Soon Is Now wailing over Nitzer Ebb beats and New Order melodies."[1]

After a public row over alleged plagiarism, Eisold is now given songwriting credits for Fall Out Boy's songs "The Carpal Tunnel of Love", "Golden", and "Bang the Doldrums" from the album Infinity on High.[2] (source) On Fall Out Boy's 2005 album, From Under the Cork Tree, Eisold is credited as "Inspirador".[citation needed][3]

In 2006, Eisold was published in the Columbia Journal and in August 2007, he released his first collection of poems and prose, Deathbeds. He has also worked with Eric Paul of Arab On Radar's poetry collection, I Offered Myself As The Sea, as well as Genesis P-Orridge, Jonathan Shaw, Boyd Rice, Chris Leo, and Max G. Morton.[4]

He currently lives in Los Angeles and runs Heartworm Press, an independent publishing company.

In 2011- 2012 Eisold performed live as a member of Prurient.

In more recent years, Eisold has strayed away from the hardcore music scene, and refocused his mentality towards musical genres. Eisold claimed in an interview that missing a hand has ruled out guitar and drums in terms of instruments, so he began to try "making music with synths and pedals" which ended up feeling comfortable. He also noted that his songwriting process had changed after being removed from the traditional band scene, and writing alone by himself.[5]

Wesley Eisold produced and recorded songs on Boyd Rice's 2012 album, Back To Mono, released on Mute Records.[6] They collaborated live in 2013.[7]

Heartworm Press[edit]

In 2005/2006, Wesley Eisold founded the independent publishing company titled Heartworm Press. Eisold decided to run a publishing company because of his interest in writing and bringing zines to shows, and listed Exact Change, Grove Press, 2.13.61 and New Directions Publishing as influential publishers.[8] In addition to releasing some of Eisold's writings and various releases from Cold Cave, Heartworm has also released items from Boyd Rice, Eric Paul, Jonathan Shaw and Genesis P-Orridge.


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  • Ye Olde Maids - s/t Cassette (2007) - Heartworm Press
  • Ye Olde Maids contributed a track to Nihil Underground's "Decades of Decay" noise/power electronics compilation.
  • Ye Olde Maids - God Blesses Us, Mother Dresses Us 12" (2009) - Art Fag


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