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Didier Drogba was named Best of the Best in 2010.

The West African Footballer of the Year, or The Best of the Best was an annual association football award. It was presented to the west African player considered to have performed the best over the previous season. The award was conceived by the West Africa Football Union (WAFU), and was intended to be given annually beginning in 2010. The inaugural winner was Didier Drogba.[1]

The WAFU was split into two regions in 2011.[2]


By year[edit]

Year Place Player Nationality Notes
2010 1st Didier Drogba  Ivory Coast
2nd Yaya Touré  Ivory Coast
3rd Kader Keïta  Ivory Coast

By player[edit]

Player First Place Second Place Third Place
Ivory Coast Didier Drogba 1 (2010)
Ivory Coast Yaya Touré
1 (2010)
Ivory Coast Kader Keïta
1 (2010)

By country[edit]

Table of winners categorized by the player's nationality (not the nationality of his club).

Country First place Second place Third place
 Ivory Coast 1 (2010) 1 (2010) 1 (2010)


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