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Canton 10
Herzeg-Bosnia County

Bosnian: Kanton 10, Livanjski kanton
Croatian: Hercegbosanska županija

Hercegbosanska županija
Location of Canton 10 within Bosnia and Herzegovina
Location of Canton 10 within Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates: 44°14′N 18°12′E / 44.233°N 18.200°E / 44.233; 18.200
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Entity Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Washington agreement 18 March 1994
Government seat Livno
Municipalities Livno, Tomislavgrad, Kupres, Glamoč, Bosansko Grahovo, Drvar
 • Head of Canton Branko Ivković
 • Total 4,934.1 km2 (1,905.1 sq mi)
Population (2013 census)[1]
 • Total 90,727
 • Density 18,39/km2 (4,760/sq mi)
Time zone CET
ISO 3166 code BA-10
The flag and the coat of arms are recognized only at the cantonal level and not on the Federal level;[2] however, flag is still de jure and de facto used by the Canton.[3]>

Canton 10 or Herzeg-Bosnia County[3] (Bosnian: Kanton 10, Livanjski kanton, Croatian: Hercegbosanska županija) is the tenth of 10 cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The local government seat is in Livno, while the assembly is in Tomislavgrad.[4]

Names, symbols and controversy[edit]

In Croatian the term županija (county) is used, while in Bosnian and Serbian the term is kanton. The canton is officially referred by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as Canton 10/County 10 (Kanton 10 or Županija 10).[2] The local government however refers to it as the Herzeg-Bosnia County (Hercegbosanska županija) and uses that name in the local constitution.[5][6] This name has been deemed unconstitutional by the Federation's Constitutional Court partly because it "does not cover any part of the traditional region of Herzegovina".[2] Other names used at the national level include West Bosnia Canton/County (Zapadnobosanski kanton, Zapadnobosanska županija) and Livno Canton (Livanjski kanton), after its capital.[7][8][9]

The flag and coat of arms of the canton were the same as the flag and coat of arms of the former Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia. West Herzegovina canton was another canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina which also used this flag and coat of arms. However, these symbols were deemed unconstitutional by the Federation Constitutional Court, because "it only represented one group".[2] The local government, however, continues using these illegal symbols, despite court ruling. The coat of arms is used at plates at the official institutions. Due the name and symbols dispute, the local police up to this day have no official badges.


The area of the County is 4,934.1 km², a tenth of the surface of Bosnia-Herzegovina and cca 19% of the Federation.[10] The density population is 18.39/km². Rugged and wide karst fields characterize the County geographically.

Political subdivisions[edit]

Assembly of the Canton 10 in Tomislavgrad

Canton 10 includes 6 municipalities: Drvar, Bosansko Grahovo, Glamoč, Kupres, Livno and Tomislavgrad.

Municipality Coat of arms Population [11] Area (km2)[11]
Bosansko Grahovo No coats of arms.svg 3091 780.0
Drvar No coats of arms.svg 7506 1030.0
Glamoč Coat of arms of Glamoč.png 4038 1033.6
Kupres Coat of arms of Kupres.jpg 5573 569.8
Livno Livno Wappen.svg 37487 994.0
Tomislavgrad Tomislavgrad-Grb.gif 33032 967.4


The canton is governed by the Government of Canton 10 (Croatian: Vlada Hercegbosanske županije Bosnian: Vlada kantona 10). The current government is a coalition of 2 parties led by Croatian Democratic Union. President of the government is Branko Ivković.[12]

Cantonal Assembly[edit]

The Cantonal Assembly (Croatian: Županijska skupština Bosnian: Kantonalna skupština) is the parliament of the canton 10. It consists of 25 representatives elected by proportional representation for four-year terms of office.

    Political party Assembly members Current members
2002 2006 2010
  Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 13 5 7              
  Croatian Democratic Union 1990 (HDZ 1990) - 6 4              
  Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) 3 5 3              
  People's Party For Work And Betterment (NSRzB) 2 1 3              
  Croatian Party of Rights (HSP) 1 4 3              
  Party of Democratic Action (SDA) 2 2 2              
  Croatian Peasant Party – New Croatian Initiative (HSS-NHI) - - 1              
  Social Democratic Party (SDP) 1 1 1              
  Democratic People's Alliance (DNS) - - 1              


The preliminary results from the 2013 census show the population to be 90,727 people. At the 1991 census, 115,726 people inhabited the County.

The largest ethnic group is Croats, the second Serbs, and third Bosniaks. Three municipalities have an ethnic Croat majority (Kupres, Livno, Tomislavgrad), and three have an ethnic Serb majority (Drvar, Bosansko Grahovo, Glamoč[citation needed]).

The exact demographic composition is not known because there has been no official census result since 1991 and there was significant population migration during the war.


Map of Canton 10

The County is situated near the border with Croatia and near following counties: West Hercegovina County, Una-Sana County, Central Bosnia County and Herzegovina-Neretva County. It is situated in the western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is also situated near the Serb entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main center of the county is in the city of Livno which is the biggest city in the county. In the County there are big fields like the Livno fields, there are big lakes like the Busko lake and the Kupres lake. There are green forests and high mountains like near Kupres, a city where many tourists (mostly from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina) go to ski in the winter.

There are high mountains in this County and the mountains makes a natural border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. There are also mountains near Kupres and in other central parts of the County.


Due to economic reasons (insufficient County revenues compared to expenses) unification with West Herzegovina County has been proposed.[16][17] However Canton 10, as determined federally, does not cover any part of the traditional region of Herzegovina and thus such a proposition could never happen without dropping reference to Herzegovina as a result.


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