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The West Bridgford School - A Specialist Technology Academy
Motto Carpe Diem
Established 1895 (1969)
Type Academy
Headteacher Mr Robert McDonough (2005-Present)
Location Loughborough Road
West Bridgford
England Coordinates: 52°55′04″N 1°08′13″W / 52.9179°N 1.137°W / 52.9179; -1.137
DfE number 891/4328
DfE URN 136628 Tables
Ofsted Pre-academy reports
Students 1452
Gender Coeducational
Ages 11–18
Website The West Bridgford School

The West Bridgford School - A Specialist Technology Academy is a co-educational secondary school in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, England.


Grammar school[edit]

The school used to be a grammar school and was then known as West Bridgford County Secondary School. It moved to the present buildings in 1938 and became The West Bridgford Grammar School in 1944. The school's original site was on Musters Road, which is now occupied by Musters Medical Practice. In September 1938 the school moved to a newly constructed building adjoining Loughborough Road, which is now its main building.

Comprehensive school[edit]

It became West Bridgford Comprehensive in September 1969. It is called The West Bridgford School - A Specialist Technology College. It kept some of its old grammar school ethos long after it became a comprehensive: Latin and Classics were taught and rugby was given priority over football until the 1970s. Its catchment area was the east side of the old LNER railway line (now Green line nature reserve) in West Bridgford and included Ruddington. The building is next to Central College Nottingham.


The school applied to be an Academy under the Academies Act 2010 and officially became an Academy at midnight on 31 March 2011. From then on the school has been known as The West Bridgford School - A Specialist Technology Academy and as such it allocates up to 10% of its places based on technological aptitude. Its admissions policy, however, is still as a Comprehensive and these places are allocated after offers have been made to those that live within the catchment area.


From September 2009, the school's uniform consists of a navy blazer with the updated coat of arms and an optional navy sweater for all, with differences for each gender. Boys wear a white shirt and a school logo clip-on tie, with trousers in mid-grey, whereas girls can wear trousers or a skirt in mid-grey and a white and blue-striped blouse without a tie.

An 'Eco-School'[edit]

The school's council and "Environmental Committee" have worked, with assistance from teachers and the support of the student body, to reduce the school's impact on the environment. The school has raised awareness by holding cake sales, fundraising events and holding a "Green Week", which involved students paying a donation and dressing in green. The money raised has gone towards green projects, such as double glazing, insulation and, most notably, a wind turbine, which feeds energy into the National Grid, who then subsidise the school's energy bill. Currently, the school holds the three Eco Schools awards, bronze, silver and has earned green in recognition of its efforts.[1]

Dyslexia Friendly School[edit]

The School is currently aiming to become a Dyslexia Friendly School.

Cashless catering[edit]

In November 2011 the school began operating a cashless catering system.[2] This still operated to this day, but now includes epay where parents can pay for things such as school trips, hoodies or yearbooks using an online system that is registered to their child..


The school has recently started using the CMS package 'Moodle' in 2012. It is currently used for setting all homeworks for students in years 7-11

Notable former pupils[edit]

West Bridgford Grammar School[edit]


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