West Coast Baptist College

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West Coast Baptist College
Motto Training laborers for His harvest
Established 1995
Type Private
Religious affiliation Baptist
President Dr. Paul Chappell
Vice-president Dr. Mark Rasmussen
Provost Dr. Jim Schettler
Dean Dr. Toby Weaver
Executive Vice President Dr. John Goetsch
Admin. staff 50
Undergraduates 1100
Postgraduates 30
Location Lancaster, California, USA
Campus 80 acres (32 ha)
Colors Gold and Burgundy
Athletics Basketball, Volleyball
Mascot Eagle
Affiliations NCCAA
Website www.wcbc.edu
Dr. Paul Chappell with 2009 Graduate

'West Coast Baptist College'West Coast Baptist College is a Baptist Bible college in Lancaster, California, offering graduate and undergraduate degrees in Pastoral studies, evangelism, missions, church ministries, music, Christian education, youth ministry, and secretarial studies. According to their mission statement, West Coast Baptist College exists "to develop leaders with a heart for God who are committed to the Word, compassionate toward the lost, and compelled to change communities for Christ".[1] West Coast opened in 1995 and currently has over 1200 graduates serving as pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and teachers.


In July 1986, Dr. Paul Chappell started a church in Antelope Valley in the Mojave Desert of Southern California.[citation needed] The church began to grow through an aggressive soulwinning program and Pastor Chappell's Bible-centered preaching.

In the spring of 1988, the church raised an initial $50,000 in a "Giving by Faith" banquet. This money provided the exact amount needed for the down payment on the first 20 acres of property located on the east side of town. The church and its ministries continued to expand, adding a bus ministry, several adult Bible classes, a radio ministry, a Spanish ministry, a Christian school, and a Bible institute. In December 1993, the church moved to a new 21-acre site.

In 1995, Pastor Chappell and Lancaster Baptist Church approved the beginning of West Coast Baptist College, training laborers for the harvest. West Coast Baptist College started with Paul Chappell, Dr. John Goetsch (a renowned Baptist evangelist), and Dr. Mark Rasmussen (well-known Christian educator). Dr. Toby Weaver joined the staff and became the Dean of Students. Mike Lester joined the staff as the academic dean. Dr. Jerry Goddard is the Administrative Dean. Dr. Jim Schettler (former Campus Pastor of Pensacola Christian College) joined the staff in 2013.

Today the church owns 90 acres of property which have been master-planned for the church and college ministries.

Dr. Chappell had a great vision for the future work of Christ. Included in this vision was to one day start a Bible college to provide a place for people to receive a Bible college education and to go forth into God's harvest field while there was still time to serve Christ. West Coast Baptist College opened its doors in September 1995 to an energetic student body desiring to fulfill God's leading in their lives. Now after ten years, over 1,200 graduates circle the globe with hundreds of others training for ministry.[2]


Revels Educational Building

The campus of West Coast Baptist College, extending from Lancaster Boulevard to Avenue J, contains a three story educational building complete with a bookstore, coffee shop, six private piano practice labs, a science lab, two computer labs, 21 classrooms, and a two hundred seat auditorium, a library, and two separate workout rooms. Because they share the same campus, students experience the local church atmosphere of Lancaster Baptist Church first hand. The college is in the early phase of building the much needed Student Commons Building (see wcbc.edu for details).


West Coast is a Baptist college. West Coast Baptist College believes the Bible is the Word of God preserved for the English-speaking people in the King James Version. It also believes in deity of Jesus Christ, salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone, and the worship, fellowship, and service of the local church.[3]

Before a male student is able to graduate from West Coast Baptist College, he is to undergo a written and oral examination of his beliefs. Two members of the Bible department question a graduating senior. The testing is known to last anywhere from 2–3 hours. Failing to pass oral examinations is a failure to graduate. The student has two chances to pass, but if this is not met, a doctrinal paper takes the place of the oral exam. In orals, the senior is asked to defend the Baptist distinctives with scripture, and give the scriptural references to the deity of Christ, the virgin birth, the trinity, and other areas.


WCBC Men's Basketball

WCBC has a men's basketball program and a ladies volleyball program. They are a member of the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA), Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA) and Pacific Christian Athletic Conference. In the 2007-08 season, the West Coast Baptist College athletics received notoriety from the local newspaper. They followed their journey winning season to the national finals. In 2011-2012, they won the NCCAA Regionals against Portland Bible. In February 2012, they defeated Korea University 105-101.[4]

Striving Together Publications[edit]

Striving Together Publications is based at West Coast Baptist College, and is affiliated with Lancaster Baptist Church. Striving Together Publications publishes books that specialize on Christian living and Church leadership. Many of the books are written by the college's president, Dr. Paul Chappell, as well as by other pastors such as Dr. Bud Calvert.


The West Coast Baptist College Alumni Association hosts meetings around the country associated with the above mentioned Striving Together Conferences with Dr Paul Chappell and Dr RB Oullette. The leader of the WCBC Alumni Association is Gabriel Ruhl assisted by Danielle Handrich (both are WCBC grads).

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