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West Herzegovina Canton
Županija Zapadnohercegovačka
Status Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
and largest city
Široki Brijeg
Official languages Croatian and Bosnian
Ethnic groups (1991) Croats 96.82%
Muslims 1.81%
others 1.37%
Demonym West Herzegovinian
Government Parliamentary system
 -  Prime Minister Zdenko Ćosić
Legislature Assembly of West Herzegovina Canton
Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
 -  Establishment 12 June 1996 
 -  Total 1,362 km2
525.8 sq mi
 -  2013 census 97,893
 -  Density 71.87/km2
186.18/sq mi
GDP (nominal) 2013 estimate
 -  Total BAM 487.211 million
 -  Per capita BAM 4976.97
Currency BAM
Time zone CET (UTC+1)

The West Herzegovina Canton, officially the County of West Herzegovina[1] (Croatian: Županija Zapadnohercegovačka)[1] is one of the cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The West Herzegovina Canton is in the Herzegovina region in the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its seat of government is in Široki Brijeg, while other municipalities within the Canton are Grude, Ljubuški and Posušje. The West Herzegovina Canton is one of the most developed and richest cantons. It has 81,414 inhabitants, of whom an absolute majority are Croats.


The Government of the West Herzegovina Canton is located in Široki Brijeg and has seven ministries:[2]

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Ministry of Justice and Administration
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Planning, Construction and Environment
  • Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports
  • Ministry of Healthcare, Work and Welfare
  • Ministry of Veterans


This region, as well as the entire West Herzegovina, was before the war one of the poorest regions in BiH. Today it is one of the richest.[3] The entrepreneurial spirit is also present in the West Herzegovina Canton, which has enabled high employment. The majority of entrepreneurs are in the catering industry, but a significant number of entrepreneurs are involved in a successful production[clarification needed].[4]

Despite the canton's small area, its agricultural sector is important. In the canton, 30,000 ha (120 sq miles) is used for agriculture; 84,000 ha (320 sq miles) is forest. Around 6,000 ha of arable land is below 100 metres in altitude. The Canton has a strong potential for the production of vegetables, fruit and wine. The Canton has meat and milk processing plants.[4]

Geography and population[edit]


West Herzegovina Canton is located in the Herzegovina region of south west Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has Čvrsnica mountain to the north, Croatia to the west and south, and the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton to the east. The area of the Canton is 1,363 km²[5] (526 sq miles).

The canton has three rivers: Lištica, Trebižat and Ričina, and the Blidinje Lake. Its highest peak is Pločno on the Čvrsnica mountain, 2,228 metres.[5]


Government seat in Široki Brijeg

The West Herzegovina Canton has 81,414 inhabitants, according to 2011 data. The vast majority of the population (98%) are Croats.[5] The largest municipality is Široki Brijeg with 26,304 inhabitants, followed by Ljubuški with 23,634, Posušje with 15,994 and Grude with 15,428.

According to the 1999 estimate, Široki Brijeg had 29,530 inhabitants, of whom[6] there were:

  • Croats, 29,439 (99.69%)
  • Serbs, 80 (0.27%)
  • Bosniaks, 11 (0.04%)

On the 1991 census, the municipality of Ljubuški had 28,340 inhabitants:

  • Croats, 26,127 (92.19%)
  • Bosniaks, 1,592 (5.61%)
  • Yugoslavs, 227 (0.80%)
  • Serbs, 65 (0.22)
  • others, 92 (0.35%)

According to the 1991 census, the municipality of Posušje had 17,134 inhabitants:

  • Croats 16,963 (99.00%)
  • Yugoslavs, 26 (0.15%)
  • Serbs, 9 (0.05%)
  • Bosniaks, 6 (0.03%)
  • others, 130 (0.76%)

According to the 1991 census, the municipality of Grude had 16,358 inhabitants:

  • Croats, 16,210 (99.09%)
  • Serbs, 9 (0.05%)
  • Yugoslavs, 5 (0.03%)
  • Bosniaks, 4 (0.02%)
  • others, 130 (0.79%)

Official holidays[edit]

According to local laws[7] the official holidays (non-working days) in the county are :

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Coordinates: 43°24′N 17°25′E / 43.400°N 17.417°E / 43.400; 17.417