West London Wildcats

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West London Wildcats
West London Wildcats Logo.gif
Full name West London Wildcats
Nickname(s) Wildcats, Cats
2014 season
Home-and-away season 1st
Leading goalkicker Brad Collins
Best and fairest Todd Pfeiffer & Brad Wedgwood
Club details
Founded 1990
Colours      Navy and      White
Competition AFL London Premiership
President Ben O'Brien & Craig Simpson
Coach Keith Della Vedova & Nathan Costley
Captain(s) TBC
Premierships 10 (2000, 2004-2009, 2011, 2013-2014)
Ground(s) Barn Elms
Other information
Official website [1]

The West London Wildcats are an Australian rules football and netball club based in London, England. The club fields teams in each of the three AFL London divisions - Premiership, Conference and Social. The reserves team is known as the Shepherds Bush Raiders and wear a green and gold guernsey while the Social team is known as the Ealing Emus and wear a black, red and yellow guernsey. The Wildcats are often regarded as the biggest and most successful Australian rule football club outside of Australia.


The West London Wildcats were formed in 1990 as a foundation club of the British Australian Rules Football League, now known as the AFL London division of AFL Britain. They have played in a number of BARFL grand finals, finally winning their first premiership in 2000 against arch-rivals, the Wandsworth Demons, the team captained at the time by club stalwart, Chris Schleter. They have since followed this up with premierships in 2004, 2005 and 2006 all against BARFL heavy-weights the Wimbledon Hawks. 2004 saw fullback Rowan Bilkey captain the club. Chris Schleter again captained the premiers in 2005 while in 2006 Ruckman and Barclay Dixon lead his team to the BARFL premiership. The Wildcats stand as the only team to win the BARFL Premiership on three consecutive occasions. In 2004 the team achieved another first in BARFL history by claiming the BARFL 'Grand Slam', winning the Anzac Cup preseason tournament, the Brit Cup and both the Conference and Premier Division Premierships, a feat they repeated in season 2006.

The Wildcats also field a second team, the Shepherds Bush Raiders, in the AFL London Conference competition, and a third side, the Ealing Emus in the AFL London Social division. The Shepherds Bush Raiders have won all but one of the 10 Conference premierships since the competition's inception in 2001. The Raiders are the reigning Premiers and Champions of the Conference division, and were coached by Craig Marshall. The Emu's are the reigning premiers of the Social Division.

The West London Wildcats celebrated 25 years of existence in 2014. Capping off a fine year by winning the premiership in all 3 grades.

In addition to Australian Rules Football, the Wildkittens netball sides play in a number of competitions across London.

Former Brisbane Bears player Rudi Frigo, recruited to the club by Justin "Dogga" Shannon, is probably the Wildcats best known player.

Honour Board[edit]

Year Position President Coach Captain Treasurer
1990 3rd Greg Sporton Dave Steadman Peter Murphy & Dave McGain Ian Mead
1991 4th Michael Lopes Dave McGregor Ian Rakich David Meaney
1992 2nd Michael Lopes & Barny Ayris Mark Reid Michael Lopes Barny Ayris & Ewen Hill
1993 5th Ross Gregory Mark Reid Daryn Jamieson Ewen Hill
1994 2nd Ross Gregory Mark Reid Greg Wylie Ewen Hill
1995 2nd Ewen Hill Graeme Watson Greg Weston-Arnold Ross Gregory
1996 2nd Ewen Hill Paul Smith Paul Geddis Tomas O'Mongain
1997 3rd Ewen Hill Darren Isaacs Paul Geddis Ross gregory
1998 5th Darren Isaacs David McAdam Denis Radetic & Derek Shaw Derek Shaw
1999 2nd Neil Talbot Russell Warburton Shane McDonald Derek Shaw
2000 1st Neil Talbot Michael Billing Chris Schleter Derek Shaw
2001 3rd Paul Toll Michael Billing Chris Schleter Derek Shaw
2002 2nd Justin Shannon Lachy Boyd & Cameron Aubrey Greg Atkinson Derek Shaw
2003 2nd Justin Shannon Ross Giardina & Chris Schleter Chris Schleter Derek Shaw
2004 1st Jonathon Grapsas Ross Giardina & Chris Schleter Rowan Bilkey Derek Shaw
2005 1st Matt Glynn Ross Giardina Chris Schleter Matt Boyd & Derek Shaw
2006 1st Matt Glynn Damien Stewart & Ryan Butler Barclay Dixon Donna Glynn & Derek Shaw
2007 1st Matt Glynn Ross Giardina & Chris Schleter Sam Heffernan & Damien Stewart Donna Glynn & Derek Shaw
2008 1st Matt Glynn Xavier McKinnon Matt Chilton Donna Glynn
2009 1st Pete Romanis Justin Main Dan Nankivell Anna Rushall
2010 3rd Ben Bond and Troy Cunningham Dan Nankivell Nathan Costley Troy Cunningham
2011 1st Ben Bond Nathan Costley & Dan Prigmore Steven Puhar Matt Ryan
2012 4th Luke Fenney Nathan Costley & Dan Prigmore Adam Broadbent Ciaran Merrigan
2013 1st Luke Fenney Nathan Costley & Dan Prigmore Brad Wedgwood Ciaran Merrigan
2014 1st Ben O'Brien & Craig Simpson Nathan Costley & Dan Prigmore Matty Shannon Ciaran Merrigan


2014 Grand Final Premiership Division West London Wildcats 14.13 (97) Defeated Wandsworth Demons 8.10 (58)

Goals: David Abernethy 5, Matt Abraham 2, Todd Pfeiffer 2, Brad Collins, Keith Della-Vedova, James Ford, Clint Johnson, Brad Wedgwood

Best: Brad Wedgwood, David Abernethy, Sam Wood, Billy Oswell, Matt Shannon

AFL London GF Best on Ground Award: Brad Wedgwood

2014 Grand Final Conference Division Shepherds Bush Raiders 14.9 (93) Defeated Clapham Demons 2.4 (16)

Goals: David Emerson 4, Kevin Upton 3, Evan Scicluna 3, Nathan Costley 2, Tom Gillard, Nick Graham-Bowman

Best: Ben McCrorey, Nathan Costley, Dan Jeffreys, Adrian Brown, Evan Scicluna

AFL London GF Best on Ground Award: Nathan Costley

2014 Grand Social Premiership Division Ealing Emus 4.7 (31) Defeated by South London Demons 4.6 (30)

Goals: Andrew Mann 2, Brad Tinker, Froggy Triplett

Best: Sean Fenney, Scott Fedrici, Brad Tinker, Markus Rees, Sam Furber

2013 Grand Final Premiership Division West London Wildcats 10.10 (70) Defeated North London Lions 9.6 (60)

2013 Grand Final Conference Division Shepherds Bush Raiders 9.5 (59) Defeated Regents Park Lions 5.12 (42)

2012 Grand Final Conference Division Shepherds Bush Raiders 11.11 (77) Defeated Regents Park Lions 12.3 (75)

2011 Grand Final Premiership Division West London Wildcats 13.1(89) Defeated Wandsworth Demons 8.9 (57)

2011 Grand Final Conference Division Shepherds Bush Raiders 17.4 (106) Defeated Clapham Demons 9.13 (67)

2010 Grand Final Conference Division Shepherds Bush Raiders 12.9 (81) def Clapham Demons 7.3 (45)

2010 Grand Social Premiership Division Ealing Emus 7.1 (43) def South London Demons 2.5 (17)

2009 Grand Final Premiership Division

2009 Grand Final Conference Division

2009 Grand Social Premiership Division

2008 Grand Final Premiership Division West London Wildcats 13.8 (86) defeated Putney Magpies 4.3 (27)

Best: Justin 'Maca' McCallion, Ross 'Rosco' Dillon, Leigh 'Burki' Burke, Warrick 'Bloodnut' Fenner, Damien 'Sticky' Lyon, Eoin O'Connor, Xavier 'XMan' McKinnon, Barry 'Baz' Malone

Goals: Leigh Burke, Eoin O'Connor 3, Justin McCallion 2, Sam Miles 1 (others TBC)

Norm Smith Medal: Justin 'Maca' McCallion

2008 Grand Final Conference Division Shepherds Bush Raiders 7.12 (54) defeated Clapham Demons 6.11 (47)

Best: Kade 'Giggz' Nichols, Matty Barr, Pete O'Connel, Marcus 'Willo' Wilson, Shane 'Abbo' Albon, Paul 'Chopper' Donahoo

Goals: Marcus 'Willo' Wilson 3, Kade Nichols 3, Paul Donahoo 1

2008 Grand Final Social Division Ealing Emus 18.17 (125) defeated Nottingham Scorpions 1.5 (11)

Best: Al Carlson, Lucas 'Doof' Cullen, Darryl 'Daz' Disisto, Pete Kasby, Matt Neville, Ryan 'Rhino' Lapish, John Houston, Simon 'Simmo' Berry

Goals: Al Carlson 4, Wes White 3, Casey Ratcliffe, Ryan 'Rhino' Lapish 2, Darryl 'Daz' Disisto, Lucas 'Doof' Cullen, Jeremy 'Jez' Lanberg, Paul 'Cutts' Cutler 1 (others TBC)

Norm Smith Medal: Doof

International Tour Matches[edit]

The Wildcats have played a number of pre-season tour matches across Europe.

Best & Fairest[edit]

Year West London Wildcats Shepards Bush Raiders Ealing Emus
2014 Todd Pfeiffer & Brad Wedgwood Nick Graham-Bowman Froggy Triplett
2013 Gavin Bowles Brad Tinker Steve Whibley
2012 Adam Broadbent Al Adams Julian Kasby
2011 Adam Broadbent Fergus Adamson Joel Siwak
2010 Dan Prigmore Matty Ryan Brett Rizio
2009 Dan Nankivell Luke Faull Patty Kearins
2008 Matt Chilton Jono Watson David Harrington

End of Season Footy Trips[edit]

2015.......Corfu? 2014 Corfu 2013 Corfu 2012 Corfu 2011 Corfu 2010 Corfu 2009 Lagos, Portugal 2008 Corfu 2007 Corfu 2006 Corfu

Downlow Winners[edit]

Year Venue Title Winner
1990 Amsterdam No award
1991 Corfu (Greece) No award
1992 Falarki, Rhodes No award
1993 Dublin No award
1994 Corfu No award
1995 Corfu Rob 'Bubba' Colcroft
1996 Leamington Spa (Canal trip) No award
1997 Liverpool No award
1998 Corfu Matt 'Mighty Mattress' Glynn
1999 Bodrum (Turkey) Matt 'Mighty Mattress' Glynn & Chris 'Slates' Schleter
2000 Corfu Hayden Bennett
2001 Corfu Jason 'Smurf' Dwyer
2002 Benidorm Evan 'Unit' Beachley
2003 Ios Chris 'Slates' Schleter
2004 Corfu Paul 'Cut Snake' Lewis
2005 Corfu Chris 'Slates' Schleter
2006 Corfu Paul 'Chopper' Donahoo
2007 Corfu Matt 'Mighty Mattress' Glynn
2008 Corfu Mick 'Uncle' Bulzomi
2009 Lagos Mick 'Uncle' Bulzomi
2010 Corfu Troy 'Catingham' Cunningham
2011 Corfu Jack Russell


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