West Midlands bus route 8

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Operator National Express West Midlands
Vehicle Scania Omnilink
Start Saltley or Bordesley Green
Via Birmingham Inner Ring Road
End Saltley or Bordesley Green
Length 30 miles[citation needed]

The Birmingham Inner Circle is a roughly circular bus route in Birmingham, England. It follows the city's middle ring road with some small deviations on parts of the route.The service dates back to the days of Birmingham City Transport.


Like the Outer Circle service 11, buses on the 8 travel both anti-clockwise (8A) and clockwise (8C). The service is operated by National Express West Midlands with Mercedes-Benz O405N single deck buses, several of which are branded for the Inner Circle. It is one of very few bus routes which is guaranteed to be operated by a Mercedes-Benz 0405N, due to that bus being the only allocation at the garage. Prior to operating from Bordesley depot (located next to National Express West Midlands headquarters) the 8 was operated by the now demolished Hockley depot; This meant that it was not unusual for it to have MCW Metrobuses and Volvo B7TL Plaxton Presidents operating on it. The service is mainly run commercially, however early morning Sunday journeys are subsidised by Centro.

In 2004, the Birmingham Repertory Theatre staged the musical "Ridin' The Number 8" by Laurie Hornsby and Euan Rose, in which a cast of 'Brummie' characters board an Inner Circle bus and reminisce about the people and places they encounter along the route.[1]


(Anti -clockwise from Saltley Gate, Alum Rock. Opposite direction for clockwise)

Current Frequencies[edit]

Service 8A/C runs every 12 minutes Monday-Friday daytime, 15 minutes on Saturdays & half hourly Sundays & evenings.


Further reading[edit]

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