West Midlands bus routes 19, 19W and 19X (Coventry)

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19 - 19W - 19X (Coventry)
Operator National Express Coventry
Garage Coventry
Vehicle Mercedes-Benz O405N
Start Coventry, Pool Meadow Bus Station
Via Earlsdon (19)
Cannon Park Shops (19)
Westwood Business Park (19W)
Charter Avenue (19X)
End Tile Hill South
Length 8¾ miles (19)
Operator Central Connect
Start Balsall Common at 0740
Via Hampton in Arden
End Solihull at 0817
192 / 194 (Former)
Operator National Express West Midlands
Vehicle Volvo B10L
Start Solihull Station
Via Meriden
Balsall Common
End Coventry, (Pool Meadow)
Length 20 miles (32 km)

West Midlands bus routes 19, 19W and 19X (Coventry) are bus services in the city of Coventry in the West Midlands region of England, linking the city's Pool Meadow Bus Station with Tile Hill South. Certain journeys on services 19W and 19X formerly extended to Solihull, replacing National Express West Midlands routes 192 and 194. These journeys having been replaced by a new service 82 in April 2010.

However Central Connect operate one journey numbered 19W during the Monday to Friday morning peak, starting at Balsall Common into Solihull departing Balsall Common at 0740.

As part of the major changes to Solihull's bus network on 25 January 2009 services 192 and 194 (Coventry to Solihull operated by National Express West Midlands) transferred operation to National Express Coventry, the route numbers became 19W and 19X with the route also revised to operate via Westwood Business Park and Charter Avenue in lieu of Torrington Avenue.[1] These routes combined now create up to 4 buses per hour into Coventry for the most of Canley residents, where previously only 3 buses per hour. They also improved links between Solihull and the Heart of England villages with Westwood Business Park and the University of Warwick. The routes have since been curtailed to terminate at Tile Hill South. However, the service has now been reduced back to three buses an hour.

History of routes[edit]

192, 194 (Until Jan 2009)[edit]

  • 1984 - These routes came into existence as the 192/194, initially operated by Midland Red under subsidy to WMPTE. The areas which the route covers were previously served by a mixture of several WMPTE and Midland Red routes.
  • 26 October 1986 - Upon deregulation of the bus industry operations of the services transferred to West Midlands Travel
  • 24 October 1994 - Operation of the services transferred to Your Bus, a subsidiary of West Midlands Travel.
  • 4 February 2001 - Service was amalgamated to the Acocks Green garage of Travel West Midlands from Travel Your Bus.
  • 25 January 2009 - Services withdrawn and replaced by routes 19W and 19X operated by National Express Coventry.

19, 19W, 19X[edit]

  • 27 April 2008 - Route 19 service was rerouted to serve Earlsdon and Canley Station in lieu of Hearsall Common to replace rerouted service 4. Service 19W was also amended. Both the 19/19W terminated at Tile Hill South.
  • 25 January 2009 - Service 19 was revised Monday - Saturday daytimes with frequency reduced to every 30 minutes. Service 19W route was revised and extended to Solihull hourly Mon - Fri daytime. Service 19X was introduced operating between Coventry & Tile Hill South with some journeys extending to Solihull when 19W does not run. Services 19W/19X were revised/introduced as a replacement for routes 192/194
  • 26 April 2010 - The Tile Hill South to Solihull section of the 19W/19X is withdrawn, and replaced by new service 82, this follows what was the old route of the 192/194 via Torrington Avenue
  • 27 March 2011 - Service 19X was reduced to every hour during the main shopping period Monday to Saturday, resulting in their now only being three buses an hour again to Tile Hill South when combined with the 19. Service 19 was also reduced to operate every hour in the evenings daily.
  • 26 February 2012- Tile Hill South to City Centre of the 19/19X is withdrawn, and replaced to new service 18 18A,19W is withdrawn now replaced to

19. New Service 19 between City Centre to Westwood Business Park with peaks time.

Current Route[edit]

Route 19[edit]

Service operates mainly every 30 minutes 7 days a week

Former Route of 19W[edit]

This service runs Monday to Friday peak times only.

Former Route of 19X[edit]

This service operates Monday to Saturday

  • Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station
  • Hearsall Common
  • Direct via Charter Avenue (Sir Henry Parkes Road to Tile Hill South)
  • Tile Hill South

Former route of 192/194[edit]

The route of the 19W/19X is similar to that of the former 192/194 however there was a slight deviation in Coventry, where the 192/194 served Torrington Avenue. The 19W/19X now serve the parallel Kirby Corner Road, Westwood Business Park and Charter Avenue. Between Tile Hill South and Solihull the route followed is very similar, with the 192 serving Burton Green and the 194 serving Carol Green. The first trip toward Coventry started from Acocks Green bus garage and operated via Olton Station before commencing from Solihull, likewise the last trip toward Solihull extended via Olton Station to Acocks Green bus garage.

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