West Midlands bus routes 401E and 405

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Operator Diamond Bus
Vehicle Dennis Dart & Optare Solo
Predecessors Pete's Travel
Start Walsall
Via Palfrey & Bescot Stadium
End Yew Tree Estate
Operator National Express West Midlands
Vehicle Volvo B6LE & Mercedes O405N
Start Walsall
Via Palfrey, Bescot Stadium, Yew Tree Estate, Tame Bridge Parkway, Stone Cross, Charlemont Farm & Sandwell General Hospital
End West Bromwich

The 401E and 45 are two bus services in the West Midlands, England. The 401E is operated by Diamond Bus, whilst the 45 is operated by National Express West Midlands. The 401E and the 45 link Walsall with the Yew Tree Estate however the 45 then extends onto West Bromwich via Stone Cross and Charlemont Farm.



Currently, National Express West Midlands operate the full length 45 between Walsall and West Bromwich at a fifteen-minute frequency during daytime hours, hourly during evenings and half hourly on Sundays.

Diamond Bus also operate an identical shortened working of the 45 between Walsall and the Yew Tree Estate numbered the 401E. This service also serves the Tamebridge Estate. This service runs at a fifteen-minute frequency, throughout Monday - Saturday daytimes. There is no evening or Sunday on this service.

Previously Volvo B6LE's with Wright Crusader bodywork were commonplace on the 45 however other vehicle types were known to appear on odd journeys. Currently the service is operated by a mixture of Volvo B6LE's and Mercedes O405N's, some of which carry route specific fare branding for the 45. In 2013 National Express introduced brand new ADL Enviro 200's on the 45.

Diamond Bus use Dennis Darts and occasionally Optare Solo's on the 401E.

Current route[edit]

Service 401E (DIA)[edit]

Service 45 (NXWM)[edit]