West Polesian dialect

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West Polesian (yellow area) within the Belarusian dialect system
West Polesian (marked with number 1, blue area) amongst the Ukrainian dialects

The West Polesian language (Belarusian: Заходнепалеская мікрамова, Zakhodniepalieskaya mikramova; Ukrainian: Західнополіська мікромова, Zakhidnopolis'ka mikromova) or dialect is spoken in Southwestern Belarus, in Northwestern Ukraine and in the bordering regions of Poland. It is also considered as one of the Slavic microlanguages, in effect a transitional language between the Ukrainian and the Belarusian.

West Polesian is mostly used in everyday speech, though attempts have been made in 1990s to develop a standard written language for the dialects.[citation needed]

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